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    celebrities you Love

    i dug this thred but never posted cuz it somehow seemed too easy (it might be more efficient to name celebs we Don't hate ). so how bout this VarianT: name some personalities who strike you as exceptionally supercool & fascinating, esp. if they're not universally lauded as such. in other words, maybe lotta people either hate or ignore them, but you dig & respect both their work and their talkshow banter (which indicates they'd make great dinner-party company) of course, feel free to refute these choices too, cuz where would the fun be otherwise
    the ones i was able to think of can be sorted into a few general categories:
    sublime, widely-despised goofballs: tom green, david arquette, pauly shore, adam sandler, chris elliott, gilbert gottfried, bobcat goldthwait, rob schneider, ben stiller, andy dick, tom arnold jon stewart too, except he doesn't seem to want for wide acceptance as much as the others mentioned
    underappreciated, underestimated femme wits: jennifer tilly, bonnie hunt, farrah, sandra b, kathy griffin, janeane garafalo (though the last two occasionally lapse into party-line feminist bitterness); note this ain't quite the same thing as overpowering, supernatural sex appeal, but the play of their minds is such an unpredictable delight they'd make Perfect galpals
    austere/sleazy, style-god character actors: jean reno, terence stamp, michael ironside, james remar, david patrick kelly, jeremy irons, hugo weaving, jason mewes, ps hoffman
    w/celebs like these, who needs cruise or roberts? who's next?
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    I really don't like any of them.If I had to choose to have a conversation with I think I'd pick Bo Derek.She seems to be a whole lot more than just a pretty face.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Red face ho derek? ewww Grosss! :P

    to me she seems to be a whole lot Less than a purty face, Yeccchhh what a bland no-talent years ago she was a softporn airhead married to now-dead pimpycreep john derek, and these days she's as sanctimonious & self-satisfied as mary hart also, i wasn't a huge dudley moore fan but was still revolted at how she recently Pounced on the chance to glom off his death publicity, spewin out pious, lovey-dovey soundbites about their friendship when she hadn't even been in Touch w/him for years
    (whew, thanx for mentioning boho, i needed to get that off me chest ) you know who i like way better than her? the tic tac ('the 1&1/2 calorie breathmint') gal
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    I like Bo also Dryanta .
    Johnny Depp is probably my favorite actor.
    Gary Oldman is another.
    Sam Jackson
    Tim Roth
    Ed Norton
    Peter Sellers

    That is all I came up with looking at my DVD collection.
    ubi mel ibi apes

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    Thanks Jedi Clint.great minds do think alike.
    Hey VT, when are you ever going to get around to telling us what you really think?
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Talking oh, i'll git aroun2 it wunna dese dayz ;)

    am i the only one here who often confuses roth & oldman? (then again i often also confuse ed norton with ed Burns (though i like norton better, i'm actually startin to get sick of burns.) how bout confusing norton with alan ruck (ferris bueller's pal/enterprise b captain)?
    i dig laurence fishburne way better than sam jackson; the former's naturally cool, while sam usually seems like he's tryin too hard

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    I don't really have any celebrities that I could claim to love; most have some kind of irritating personality flaw that overshadows how much I like their films. Like Natalie Portman's growing PC attitude, even though I make it a point to watch whatever film she is in.

    I could give a list of people I really admire, but they would be considered more along the lines of creative genius and not celebrities:

    George Lucas (he's why we're all here)
    Gene Rodenberry (for Star Trek)
    Stan Lee (for Spider-Man, FF, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Avengers, etc.)
    Shigeru Myamoto (for Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong)
    JRR Tolkien (LOTR)
    Steven Speilberg (ET, Close Encounters, Jaws although his more recent works are too PC for me)
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    as far as celebs I'd like to have over for dinner & discussion, hmmmm, so many entertainment industry-types are just too flaming ig'nert (just watch them on game shows - most of 'em can't even answer the pathetically easy questions the shows only use for celebs!), or so blindly liberal that I wouldn't waste my wizz on 'em it they were on fire in my own living room. But.... I'd really like to talk social issues over a bottle of expensive single-malt scotch with Robert Bork, or have a chat about world politics with Tom Clancy, Bill Gertz (one of the only REAL investigative reporters still working today),or Ohio ex-Congressman (and potential future Prez candidate) John Kasich. I'd LOVE to meet and talk (if you can call it that) about science with Stephen Hawking (reading 'Universe in a Nutshell' right now!), or maybe even better with David Macaulay, the author of "The Way Things Work" and "The New Way Things Work" - the latter guest would at least give me some small chance of actually comprehending the concepts discussed. Hawking would probably lose me after the first nanosecond.
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    Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Kate Hudson, and ROWR Jessica Alba

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    sean connery, eddie murphie, lawrence fishburne, adam sandler, edward norton, brad pitt, ray park since he really interacts with fans and isn't that "hollywood publicity like" , johny depp, matthew perry, bruce willes, keanu reeves


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