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    Question hey ss84: ashley juggs is charlize theron's lil sister, right?

    or does she just Play her lil sister- in the movie of my Mind?
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    Amherst, NH (stupid small town)
    Kevin Smith
    Anthony Hopkins
    Christopher Walken
    Mike Myers
    Jessica Alba (soooooooooooooo hot)
    Lewis Black
    John Stewart
    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (exclusively when in Kevin Smith rolls)
    Jason Lee (he does anger better than anyone ever. period.)
    Sam L. J.
    Kevin Spacey
    Thora Birch
    the list goes on
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    Okay, herez another, Illeana Thomas - hysterically funny sister from Hell in To Die For and the lush that Robert De Niro bites up on in Cape Fear. I like her voice and the sarcasm that she seems to bring to every role I've seen her in.



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    Wink illeana WHOmas?

    i thought her last name was Douglas; she changed it? anyway, is she veronica cartwright's big sister?
    dd: louis black's the comedian who shakes with anger & loses his temper, right? then he, along with marc maron & andy kindler comprise the hilarious recent wave of Corrosive Jewish Standups
    christopher "general chang" plummer's cool

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    Ah so....

    Douglas is right, not Thomas

    Never saw this, 'pols for delay, thx for the directions you demanding hot potato!


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    Johnny Depp, as he can truly make me believe he is anyone but.
    Al Jorgenson, Need I say more, Nitrous Oxide anyone?
    Rick Wakeman, A real wizard
    The Following is only if they don't have to be current.
    Keith Moon, A bona fide loonatic, a great drummer, a sad loss
    Timothy Leary, Just 5 minutes in that guys world
    Planet Lunt...It is unavoidable........It Is Your Destiny.

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    current? current? with a classic name like lunchymeatball. . .

    . . .your picks can be as stale as a cafeteria potato for all i care
    depp was fun in Cannes Man and Fear & Loathing i thought of a few more:
    you can keep yer tommy lee & will smith, cuz though his new flik's gettin mixed reviews, director barry sonnenfeld was always the funnest member of the MenInBlack publicity team. does his wife even Have a real name other than the "sweetie" by which he Always refers to her? hellifino besides, gotta give it to him for the 1st MIB, a classic
    kelly macdonald aka the spunkin tart in Trainspotting and Splendor
    i used to loathe danny bonaduce as a slightly-less pathetic mason reese, but he seems hella fun as a adult
    i never got into warren zevon's music, but he's so witty he's the only possible fill-in for paul shaffer :happy:
    jay thomas, hilarious napoleon of the sitcom world
    hey you humanoids, whatever happened to bobby the brain heenan?
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    Talking so, any of you have any fun celeb stories about, say. . . Danny Bonaduce??

    though politicians are a kind of celebrity, they're usually thought of in a different sense since, unlike regular celebs who mainly wield a power to entertain, they wield less-trivial political powers. but now that he's been stripped of that (along with his absurd hairpiece), you gotta admit that the meltdown of recently-imprisoned, crooked-kooky congressman james traficant has been one fun trafficaccident to gawk at these last few weeks
    for similar reasons i don't care what anyone sez about the "quality" of her new show: anna nicole smith's always been fun; even more amazing, her face stays purty no matter how much she plumps up
    two more deserving additions to the femme wits column (see this thred's 1st post): amy sedaris (Strangers With Candy) and julie brown (Not the former vj), esp. since someone recently trashed the latter on that 80s tv show thred around here :happy:
    i don't like his kinda music at All, but in conversation marilyn manson seems a cool cat speakin of cool cats, vince vaughn's prolly the life of any party he crashes
    finally, judging from his roles in Jackie Brown and it's The Rage, robert forster's an underrated, low-key man's man
    p.s. 2 other great ssg forummer names: "clownshoe" and "no_cool_name"
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    Michael J Fox
    Jennifer Lopez
    Mancow Muller
    Tom Green
    Jim Carrey
    Weird Al Yankovic
    Jim McMahon
    Chris Tucker
    Jackie Chan
    Kristin Kreuk
    Will Smith
    Christopher Lloyd
    Lewis Black
    Steven Wright
    Conan O Brien
    Robert Smiegle
    Patrick Stewert
    Brent Spiner
    Jeff Goldblum
    Leonard Nimoy
    William Shatner
    Howard Stern
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    Here is my list of favorites in no particular order or category:


    1. Morgan Freeman
    2. Anthony Hopkins
    3. Robert Deniro
    4. Terence Stamp
    5. Kevin Spacey
    6. Samuel L. Jackson
    7. Robert Deniro
    8. Jack Nicholson


    1. Mel Gibson
    2. Bruce Willis
    3. Liam Neeson
    4. Denzel Washington
    5. Tommy Lee Jones
    6. Harrison Ford
    7. Tom Cruise
    8. Tom Hanks
    9. Gary Sinise
    10. Nicolas Cage
    11. Harvey Keitel


    1. Viggo Mortensen
    2. Ewan McGregor
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Arnold Vosloo
    5. Edward Norton
    6. Brad Pitt
    7. Val Kilmer
    8. Steve Buscemi
    9. Cuba Gooding Jr.
    10. Sean Bean
    11. Norem Reedus
    12. Sean Patrick Flannery
    13. Paul Walker
    14. Sean Penn
    15. Matthew McConaughey
    16. Bill Paxton

    There are many more, but this should suffice.


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