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    delux figures and normal figures

    I've ordered a deluxe Count Dooku figure and I was just wondering, is it the same size as the basic figures?
    From the pictures I've seen of it, it looks bigger, I was just wondering.
    I do think that the Jango Fett Deluxe figure is pants to be honest, the best Jango is definitely Kamino Escape

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    No, it's perfectly to scale with the Basic figures.

    I bought the Deluxe Dooku since I can't find the Basic version, and I wanted some dueling action! Some people really hate it but I think it's an ok figure. It does have two huge magnets on his feet and his lightsaber is NOT removable, so be aware of that. But otherwise I think he's a decent backup if you can't get the Basic Dooku.
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    Yeah, he seems in scale to me. The magnets are a pain for regular displaying, but if you display the figure on its metal base, it'll stand up just fine (about half a cm above the base, those magnets are pretty tall, but just put the hoses in front for debris to cover that gap ) The arm articulation is a little strange on the right arm with the saber, but it works nicely for saber dueling, just don't expect anything normal like "standing at attention".
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