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    Thumbs up 12-inch Clone Trooper

    At first, it just looked like a rehash of the Collector's Series Stormtrooper, but when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised. Much better articulation--the knees bend and stay bent, and the figure stands easily on its own! Sure, the overall appearance still suffers from that overfed look the CS Stormie had, but the paint deco (red dirt on the boots and legs) and the head sculpting look really good. The blaster rifle also looks good, and the figure can hold it okay (with a little work). So, I'd definitely recommend picking up this one...and opening it!
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    I can't get past the color mismatch of the helmet, torso, and legs...the brown paint overspray from the feet on the back of the legs looks like he had 10 bowls of bran for breakfast and couldn't make it to the bathroom in time!

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    Other than the poor weathering of the armor, this trooper is much better than the Stormtroopers. The armor fits great and doesn't slide all around like the previously mentioned Stormtrooper. The helmet looks great and is in perportion to the body. Now if they would be willing to release the Storm/Sand/Snowtroopers with this body and armor I would be a happy camper.
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