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    what would you do oooh oh" ... for a Sacul toy.

    So...what will you do? If you can't go to the show will you just hope that maybe the fan club releases them or somehow you find one in a garage sale someday? Will you pay hundreds of dollars for some silly looking George Lucas figure or will you just say...ah, no big deal really? I'm just curious...and sorry if this has already been chated about in advance.

    Furthermore, I am going to the "big" show and cannot wait. But, I really can't wait to buy my 2 Sacul's. I also managed to convince my girlfriend into going <mind trick> and so that means 4 Sacul's! I want to trade one for one of the fan club vaders. So there's is anther question:

    Will Sacul be as scarce as Vader "fan club" and therefore making a trade between the two a sweet deal?
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    i've asked nicley on some forums.
    i probably will never get on, but thats ok. something to cry myself to sleep about
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I'll just look around for good priced ones. If they want me to make a big deal over it, they can give me as many as I want for free. :happy:
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    First off, I'm not a completist, so I could give or take this figure....

    second, you can only buy 2 Saculs PER DAY.......

    which means, with your GF, you can get FOUR FIGURES A DAY FOR THE DURATION OF THE CONVENTION......

    damn, I wish I had enough money to go......I'd go just for the free books......
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    Well guys i would love one too,

    but knowing the jackass's at Hasbro they will probably sell this thing at "wizards" (SW Fan Club) a week after for like $14.95 meanwhile you just bought one on ebay for $150... go figure, hasbro always pulls stuff like this..

    with Bomarr Monk, with Kellogs Han, with ep1 preview mace windu... i have lost faith and therefore, thats why i stopped collecting the 3 3/4" stuff which i used to love...
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    The price of the GL figure will be a mystery until may 3rd. Still you have to consider the price of the ticket to get into the show. I mean that's $75.00 that person is spending just for the chance to buy the figure. So, if any of you do have to pay ebay price for them keep that in mind. Because even if you could go, you would still have to spend $85.00 (ticket price + 1 Sacul = $85.00).
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    I wont lose any sleep over it, in my opinion its a crappy looking figure which is only getting all this hype and craving because its "exclusive". I bet you $20 that if the figure was put into case assortments and sold at stores like the rest of the figures, no one would give a crap, just completists, or the usual surprised collector saying "Oh cool, a George Lucas figure".
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    Man Bothan 187, you can get a total of 12 Jorgs at the celebration you lucky dog!!!
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    they will be all over ebay for a buck and a half...($150)...which will be SILLY STOOPID, and anyone who pays that should be whipped and raped by rabid gerbils from hell!


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