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Thread: Vader's "Home"

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    Vader's "Home"

    Very cool artwork posted on Vader's "home". I would love to see such a volatile environment re-created for the big screen. The only thing is... I don't feel that the story arc would put him at such a place. I kinda understand the reasoning behind the whole volcanic environment, but would he really live there? I hope the whole idea is saved for the "climactic confrontation" between Anakin and Obi-Wan. Any thoughts?
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    I agree, the Vader we met in ANH and died in ROTJ didn't seem like the type of guy to leave a bunch of firey open pits around him. I dunno how they'd reuse it, but Vader and Palpatine don't seem to me like characters that'd hang out in a lava pit.
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    The scene of Vader in his black steel castle feeding gargoyles from a bowl (kind of like this old ladies who sit in the park and feed pidgeons) was part of the rough draft for ESB.

    I read many segments of the ESB rough and first drafts, in the annotated screenplays, and let me tell you, if Lucas had stuck with some of those ideas ESB would've been terrible.

    No offense to the late Leigh Brackett, she was having a hard time writing the screenplay due to her illness which eventually claimed her life. In fact GL said he felt so bad for her that he purposely left out the entire revelation of Vader being Luke's father to ease her work load.

    One thing that Irvin Kershner said that would have been interesting, if they had been able to develop it, was Chewbacca's jealousy of Han's affection for Leia. This would've given him more to do than just run around and growl.
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    I must admit that I was ignorant of the whole Vader's home sequences and the landscape of molten pits with itenerant gargoyles awaiting handouts in this hideous place. If that scene is any indication, it is a good thing Lucas had others writing his shooting scripts back then.
    I would suspect that if Vader is the result of a molten pit encounter, perhaps surrounding himself in such an enviornment is a kind of Sith Zen things. Showing no fear of the very thing that caused him such terrible injury would not seem out of place at all for someone like Vader. Plus, it would discourage people from bugging him while he relaxes at his version of the Fortress of Solitude.

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    Rather than showing "no fear" he might have had it as a constant reminder of why he was a puss ugly scarred scabby faced yokle. It would make him REEEEEAAAAALLLY angry and he could channel all that anger and hatred into the dark side and make hisself super duper strong in the Dark Side...But I still say "Feng Shui"ing your place with molten lava is just silly....

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    Rollo, that's interesting, I was just going to say something like that, and even refer to the Shadows of the Empire novel (which I know some fans don't like), in which they talk about Vader meditating in the Dark Side, and "concentrating on the injustice of his situation, and his hatred for Obi-Wan, who had made him so".
    So if you were following that line of thinking, EU as it may be, then Vader making his home in the lava pits would certainly provide for the best Sith meditation ever. All he would have to do is look at the lava and the Dark Side would fuel him. Then again, couldn't he just put a picture of Obi-Wan over his desk or whatever?

    I also liked the "Feng Shui" reference, being enamored as I am of Asian culture. Funny!

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    Hey Fulit,How about all the action figures of Obi-Wan sitting on his desk.That alone should be enough to fuel his anger.
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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    Hey Fulit,How about all the action figures of Obi-Wan sitting on his desk.That alone should be enough to fuel his anger.
    His anger would surely then come from his disgust for Hasbro as well as Obi-Wan.
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    And he keeps calling Hasbro and saying "I'm seeing all these Obi Wans...but no new Vaders..." and then they told him about Dagobah Vader, and Emperor's Wrath vader, and the two pack with him and Darth Maul and the ermmm..25th Aniversary 2 packs...

    "oh really? Who's in that with me? Chief Bast? A Tarkin resculpt?" Then they told him. "ARRRGHHHHH!! Curse that damn fool Obi Wan and his resculpts!" then he leveled Hasbro with the Dark Side....

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    I agree that if Vader had a Camp David, it would be like this massive castle, steel black with evil gargoyles all over the place with a thick/deep moot of melten lava. But I don't even imagen Vader taking a vaction, he said it him-self in Episode I:"I want to be the first one to see them all." I know that it's a liitle boy saying this but it stands out.
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.


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