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    I just finished the book-on-tape...

    ...I can not wait for this movie!!! By far this will probably be the BEST SW movie so far!!! A LOT of things have been cleared up that had STILL been confusing to me despite the best of the "revealed" plot summaries out there. Much better stream-lined and thought out than I at first thought. The final battle in the arena should be dazzeling. I now understand the Hangar Duel (a duel with 4 people?) MUCH better and Yoda's participation is great!!! Dooku was Yoda's padawan. Wow. Missed that in all these forums. Obi-Wan gets the crap beat out of him by Dooku. Yoda beats the crap out of Dooku. GREAT STUFF !!! There were also other scenes not in the movie (backstory I believe). The life on the Lars homestead was good stuff. Anakin's attack on the Tuskin camp was great to hear. I hope it plays out in the movie just as well as it did in my imagination. I was surprised by how little Dooku and the Clones are actually in the movie. Man...I am psyched!!!!

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    Yes, it looks like a good one...

    ...And we can see it in only twenty days.

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    Indiana, could you tell us who reads the book on tape? Anyone Star Wars related?

    I'm reading the book right now, it's pretty cool so far . . .

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    I don't know his name off hand but it isn't anyone famous. I'm dyslexic and it would take me a year to finish the novel. I really like the books-on-tape as an alternate. They include the music and sound effects, rally bringing the "Star Wars" feel to the thing. It's so much more than just listening to someone read. I have the abridged version for $20. It's about 4 hours long and very entertaining. The full, unabridged version is $40 and over ten hours long.

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    It's read by Jonathan Davis, he's done quite a few of the books on tapes. This is his first Star Wars book though. has 35 books that he has done. He seems to do alot of technical books on tape, but nothing all that big.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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