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    Han & Chewie Prototype pics

    Anyone seen these? Another ANH han scuplt, when we're already getting one soon, but he looks cool. I think the Chewie needs to be taller and thinner. Chewies head sculpt is awesome, though.
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    I haven't seen this, but I would LOVE to!!! Do you have a link or anything you can post for us?
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    what the hell, why does that link I posted take me to ascension web or some crap? Well anyway, you all know what site I was talking about.

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    .............................words cannot contain the excitment I'm feeling right now! I actually expected these to simply be rehashes of the DSE Han and Mechanic Chewie, with altered poses. I don't care if it's just another ANH Han, this looks incredible. Chewie's face is just awesome!

    And the news that they'll be in retro-style packages, oh wow, somebody pinch me I must be dreaming.
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    That Han looks to be molded after the pre-production costume test shots when harrison's hair was shorter than it was in the movie. Looks to be an okay sculpt though. Chewie looks like he's doing something elementary...... And he's so bulky! Shame his bandolier is molded on. They put a stap on the bowcaster but not on the wookie that's screwed...

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    They look pretty good so far Hopefully the other 2 sets are just as cool

    Plus vintage style boxes...drool
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    All I could think after seeing that side shot was "huh huh, Chewie's takin' a dump". Actually, I also noticed that Han's neck is articulated at the collar, so if you turn his head, his upper collar turns too, which will look REALLY weird.
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    Now JT did we really have to resort to potty humor?

    These look great! I think Chewie is bigger....its just the angle the picture was taken from.

    Now I wonder how much these'll cost?
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    I think I read somewhere they will cost $14.99. But since nothing ever makes it to the shelves around here, I'll probably be paying twice that.


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