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    What do you think about The Rock

    I haven't been to see the Scorpion King yet, but I will this weekend. However, Hollywood is drooling over The Rock right now, and they sem to think he will be the next big thing.

    I am a pretty big wrestling fan, and have seen him a lot, and I think he has the potential to do it. I am curious, what do you guys think? Is he the next Arnold? Or the next Dolph Lundgren?
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    Not at all. If you see the scorpion king, you'll find it clear that he's better at wrestling than at acting.

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    Big hunk o' meat with no acting talent whatsoever. Hollywood has disappeared up it's own butt and calls anyone appearing on celluloid an actor. Acting is a skill, a craft that takes time to learn please don't sully the profession by using the rocks name and acting in the same sentence. I know you didn't but just in case.... He's a performer not an actor don't confuse the two.

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    Like Schwartzenegger, the Rock is a personality not an actor.
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    I detest "pro" wrestling, but there's something about the Rock that makes him really interesting. I think he has a good image and has charisma, but it stops there. He was goofy in the Mummy 2, looks to be also not so good in SKing, and was really bad in the two SNLs I've seen him in. He probably loves his kids and calls his mom every Sunday evening, but he's no good at the acting thing.
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    in my best Rock voice, which is pretty darn good. . . .

    What do you think about the Rock?


    The Rock Says this. The Rock says that the Peoples Champ is the best damn sports entertainer in the world! And being that the Rock is the best sports entertainer, the Rock will be the best entertainer that Hollywood has ever seen!

    IF YOU SSMMEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLAAAHH . . . . . . . . . .what the Rock . . . . . . . . . . . Is cookin!

    Speaking of cooking, the Rock smells, *long sniff*, some PIE! But its not Cherry Pie. . . . . . . . . . . its not blueberry pie . . . . . . . . . . . . . heck, its not even Grandma Rock's apple pie! The Rock smells, *long sniff again*, some p . . . . . . . .

    Sorry, got carried away
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    hey jargo,

    notice QLD asked if he could be the next arnold or dolph, not de nero or crowe?

    as big barada accurately pointed out, the rock, like arnold, is a personality . and while i care nothing about wrestling, i kinda like the rock. no rational person would call him an actor in the true meaning of the craft, but i wouldn't bet against him having a decent career in hollywood.

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    I detest wrestling also. I think Duane Johnson would be pretty cool to hang out with, though. Y'know play golf, or whatever. I think he's worked hard to become celebrity and if he wants to make movies and become a superstar, then more power to him.

    He's not an actor. And if he want's to be the next Ah-nuld, he should expand his range and watch what he signs on for. I could see him in a comedy. He was pretty good on SNL whan he hosted. Athletic types seem to crank out B-movies like crazy. Duane should keep it smart and wait for the "good" roles to come his way instead looking at top billing in crap.
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    Damn, when I clicked on this thread, I thought you were talking about the Alcatraz movie with Sean Connery. The Rock sucks! Pro Wrestling sucks! The Mummy Returns sucked and the Scorpion King is gonna suck too!

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    His acting leaves something to be desired, but he seems like a cool guy. I think he could do cool "entertaining" movies, but I don't see him giving any Oscar calibur performances.

    The Scorpion King wasn't very good at all, but then again, it was a period action film, so I wasn't expecting much anyway.

    I'd say, give him time, he might give a good movie or too. Heck, they tauch Bruce Lee how to "act," surly they could do the same with The Rock.
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