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    Figure Size

    I recently compared the latest re-sculpts (Rebel Trooper, Slave Leia, and Royal Guard) to the POTF2 figures and noticed there is a pretty good size difference. The new figures are all smaller.

    The POTJ Sandtrooper is the only one that is bigger the its POTF2 counterpart.

    I am not complaining because the detail is much nicer in the Saga and POTJ lines. Is this because all of the POTF2 figures were on steroids and out of scale or is there another reason?
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    My personal theory is because these shorter figures will cost them less in materials. It definitely seems to me like a slightly smaller scale than the old 3 3/4".
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    I think it's just a case of Hasbro trying to make figures more accurately sized. We harrass them a lot; but there have to be a few employees at Hasbro who really care about the toys and want what we do. However, they get drowned out by Hasbro's PR idiots. If you look at the prototype sculpts and paint jobs then you can see that the sculptors really do care about what the Star Wars products look like.

    I had noticed that POTF2 figures were beginning to get progressively larger with some of the biggest ones being Royal Guard and Snowtrooper. I am glad that Hasbro has begun shrinking them back down in size again to more accurately represent the actors in the films.
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    Yeah BigB, we agree again. Now they just need to go back and fix a few more of their vastly out of scale figures. Thankfully they finally got around to fixing the Chewbacca sized Rebel Fleet Trooper and the Royal Guard from the POTF2 line, with their POTJ and Saga sculpts. Not to mention making Chewbacca not such a runt.

    They also finally corrected Boss Nass' height for the POTJ figure. And the B.E. and Slave Leia's were vast improvements also. Plus Luke finally got the scrawny ANH look treatment for POTJ as well. I have to say that Hasbro is moving twords a more properly scaled line. It's about time, IMHO.

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    Moving towards, yes, but they still have a long way to go. Action poses seem to push the figure into true 3 3/4" territory, where the passive sculpts are about four inches. This does create somewhat of a problem, especially when you're posing both types together.

    Hopefully, they'll resolve this soon, so there's a true "standard" size.
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