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Thread: Padmé Amidala

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    Padmé Amidala

    The Padmé Amidala arena escape figure looks sexy looking I just wish they would a 12" doll of her in that outfit.

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    I agree! I'm not even sure if there are any plans for a Padme figure anytime soon.
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    There is a 12" Padme figure that showed up on the list for this year, though so far noone knows exactly when it will show up, and which outfit it will be. But most likely it will be her white arena outfit.

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    Cool, hopefully it'll come with a torn shirt, and non-tore shirt. (and all her other clothes removable) hehe

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    Originally posted by Battle Droid
    Cool, hopefully it'll come with a torn shirt, and non-tore shirt. (and all her other clothes removable) hehe
    I'm for that

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    Perverts. I think the Padme figure is the worst in the bunch. And no one I know plays with the icky 12" "dollies" except for little girls.

    Oh, don't get offended. I was joking.

    But not about the pervert thing.
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    Oh thats mean. Anyways, I love the figure. I think the action feature sucks but I't a cool figure. I'm all for a 12" Padme.
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    I hope that they put up a picture of the 12" inch Padme doll up soon I can't wait to see what it will look like.

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    I hate this figure the most and I don't even have it... because it IS that poor! Her head is WAY too thin... Natalie's got a squarish face. The fact that she's like that kid from "A Christmas Story" ("I can't put my arms dowwwwwwn!") really stinks. "HI! WHAT WERE YOU PEOPLE THINKING WHEN YOU DESIGNED HER WITH RIGOR MORTIS ARM???" This could have been one of the best figures... head sculpt aside... the whole gimmick f***s this one up. Great outfit. Great potential. Hasbro hackjob. RESCULPT THIS ONE... NOW!!!
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