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    Emperor Trip

    Talking Jorg Sacul Figure For Trade !!!!!

    Well i have been trying to figure out if i want to sell my extra jorg sacul figure up on ebay or trade it off for other toys... so i am taking trading offers now to explore my options...... e-mail me at (or just PM me)with your trading list and some suggestions of what u would like to trade.....

    here is a small list of what i am kinda lookin for...

    Toy fair vader
    some POTF2 rare/variants figs
    no half circle boba, tan vested luke, SE luke... i already got those

    perhaps some loose vintange or POTF2 figs/vehicals

    and perhaps some other figs... just send me a list and let me know what u got....

    i will also consider sending first if you have either an ebay account with a high feedback, or if you can convince me some other way that you are a fair trader...

    Emperor Trip (Ray Leatherwood)
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    Emperor Trip

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    Nobody cares.

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    Emperor Trip
    well thats not true... obviously its just a few that dont care... and that was just mean

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    Might be mean, but true.

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    At any rate, the trading forum is down at the bottom of the list.

    Please note also that Hasbro has placed the approximate trade/retail value at 12-15 dollars. Your decision to fish for offers is only going to turn off potential bids, mostly because this exclusive figure has long been viewed as a favorite of the scalping comminity.

    I would suggest asking a moderator to move this thread to the trade forum, and that you provide both proof that you own this figure, its condition, and a fair trading list.
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    Shouldn't SirSteve put a sign on the home page saying "Scalpers need not apply" ?

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    Scalpers DONT BE GAY GO AWAY!
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    How would anyone have this figure yet anyway....

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    He's obviously full of ****.

    Nobody has the figure yet.



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