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    Rampagin' Reek!!

    I was over at rebelscum looking at the pictures of the reek. I looked at the one of him from below when I discovered something shocking. In order to activate the sound effects you push on his DINK!!!!! This has got to be one of the most perverted toys ever! I could be wrong about this one as I have not gotten the reek yet. I'll know better in a week, as will the rest of us..........
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    Rampagin' Reek was actually the initial name of the Playskool set, before it was renamed Arena Adventure. It has a child-oriented Reek that, presumably, has no dink to push.

    The Reek beast actually looks very good, with more articulation than I initially thought. I don't care for the SFX, actually, he'll probably stay in the box...until my future kids get it, then it'll be...

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    The reek does look awesome and I'll be the first to get it! I still have some misgivings about the sound effects though. I think I'll take the batteries out right away. I don't know about you guys but if I leave them in, some of my electronic figures and vehicles go off at night and scare me. The thought of the ghosts in my room carressing the swolen member of a plastic representation of a large, immaginary alien beast makes me shudder.
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    Bosskman, that's happened to me before in the middle of the night with the talking episode 1 banks and the odd other item that has fallen off a shelf which sets it's off.
    I can just remember it now...
    'Imperial march theme' "at last we will reveal ourselves etc..."
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    Sorry, gor a bit carried away there...

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    What's a dink? (just kidding........I think).

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    So basically at some point you're going to have to open the box to remove the batteries unless you want it to leak in the future. What ever happened to batteries not included?
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    According to the wise sages here batteries don't leak anymore so it's safe to leave them in. I've left the batteries in my Falcon since I got it and they haven't corroded yet. least i don't think they have. That battery section on the falcon aint the easiest to locate or open. Anyways, the Reek will be losing his rampagin' action as soon as i get him home and open the box, Got my little screwdriver ready to unscrew his belly and remove the power so i never have to push his dink. It's a horn, that thing where his dink should be actually, which makes it sound worse if you think that way...

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    I'm gonna have to disagree with you there Jargo. That's no horn. That's, well I don't think I gotta spell it out.
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    Well I don't think it's a "hornius maximus."

    Jargo's right through, it's either the Reek's center horn or the horn on his right jaw.

    I'd rather they'd have just made it non-electronic and put some feature on there like removeable body parts.
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    The reek has no horn in his crotch, he's got three on his head, that's his one-eyed monster!!!!!
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