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    Christian Collector/fan club.All are welcome

    I'm running a little behind today guys.sorry for the delay.

    Well here it is!!This is Dryanta most of you already know me as either that or Dave.If you would like to see my testimony it's a matter of public knowledge now in the Jesus Loves You thread.

    Anyway,I think I can speak for us all when I say all are welcome here.we are not some kind of elitist group or anything.Just people with the same beliefs and perspective on life.
    With that said,Shall me do the other meet and greet stuff and see if we can get some input and ideas on how we would like to proceed?

    I personally would like this thread to be an area where we can talk about our lives and struggles and victories.Ask for prayer and give it.Discuss theology and the like.And of course STAR WARS!!!

    Any ideas where this thread should be if not here?
    What would you like to see here?

    I mentioned this to a couple of you earlier in private.I will do it now publicly,I am not the leader or moderator of this thread.If we should ever need(which I doubt)such a thing it should be put to vote IMO.Fire away and it's great to be here!!
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    What's up, Dryanta? I wasn't going to get online today cuz I'm supposed to be babysitting my nephews; but my brother's running late so I decided to check to see if you started this puppy or not. Glad to see it's up and running!

    For those not sure what we are about, Dryanta summed it up perfectly. We're are just fellow Star Wars fans who want to keep in contact with other Christian Star Wars fans. We can help each other out in problems ranging from spiritual issues to finding that danged Dooku figure!

    If the presence of this thread offends you, then by all means you don't have to read it. And if it bothers you that badly then feel free to start your own "Anti-Christian Collector's Club." We won't stop you.

    I personally don't think we will need a moderator for this section, if the Jesus Loves You thread is any indication. Hopefully things can proceed civily and it won't come to that.

    With that said, down to business:

    I live in Alamogordo, NM and the figures plentiful in my area are:
    Kit Fisto
    Super Battle Droid
    Zam Wesel (not preview)
    Nikto Jedi
    Jar Jar

    I am having trouble finding Count Dooku and the Royal Guard. If any of you need the figures listed above, let me know and we can arrange for a one-for-one trade. If you don't see the figure you are looking for on my list then post a list of what you are looking for and I'll see what I can find.

    Looking forward to meeting other Christians here. BTW, what's everyone's favorite figure so far? I pick Hangar Duel Anakin.

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    Hey BigB,
    Collection one is everywhere here.Here BTW is smack in the middle of Maine.Just outside the capital.Geonosians,Dexter,HD anakin,Dooku,Sae sae Tinn,Tuan We .Luminara,And royal gurads are hard to come by.I'll keep my eyes open just the same.
    I have all but just not all here(lay a way).
    My favorite so far is Dexter.Alot of figure for the money.Detail is good,neutral pose,and the electro thing comes off his clever nicely.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Dexter is really awesome and he was the only figure I walked out of MM with. I got HD Anakin later that afternoon. I saw Yoda who I really liked; but after I bought him my brother laid a huge guilt trip on me about how much he wanted him so I made a trade. I still need to get another Yoda and Dooku (who I have never seen, but assume are being bought up by scalpers ). The Royal Guards are pretty nice; but I will probably only get two of them. I might wait until Chancellor Palpatine comes out first.

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    The only Dexter,Taun we and dooku I've seen were at walmart at 12:01 tuesday morning.They had just enough for the four of us there.I got the only Tuan we.Be patient they'll be everywhere soon enough.They only had one of each of the 12" too.I got the only Ani and Obi wan.I only buy the Anakins and obi wans to Have like a time line set up once they're all out.I have a few others but only ones I really liked.Or just Characters that I like.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I'm not sure what to say, so I'll just say a little bit about myself.
    First, I'm not really that much of a collector. i like the figures and all, but I just don't really have the intrest or the funds. I love the movies, but the Figs don't do anything for me. there are a few that i would like to have, and I probably will end up getting at some point in time.
    Fav fig as of now? probably Luminara. not sure why, she just looks cool.
    I'm 17, and I live in Maine, Dryanta's my uncle.
    Religion-wise, I am a Christian, and i was saved very recently (day before Easter this year).
    i look foward to everyone's replies here.

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    Welcome Jason B! I guess I should tell a little more about myself. I'm 28, going to be 29 on May 16th. My dad is an ordained Baptist Preacher so I grew up with a strong belief in God and the Bible. I was saved in 1981 at the age of 7. I joined the Army in 1991 as a radio mechanic and just finished my enlistment last month. So now I am a civilian who is looking for a way to do God's work with my art. (I have been drawing as a hobby since high school)

    While I was in the Army, I strayed quite a bit from God's Word (we'll leave it at that for now); but since I've been out I've rededicated my life to Jesus and the rest is history.

    Hey, Dryanta, I'm working on a similar "timeline" idea with Anakin. I'm using both 3 3/4" and 12" figures. I was only mildly interested in SW as a kid; but Darth Vader's redemption in ROTJ impacted me quite a bit when I was 10 and I have been fascinated with the character ever since.

    So who's your favorite Star Wars character? Vader/Anakin takes the top spot for me with Chewbacca and Artoo tying for second.

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    whats the story with the had none but toyrus had mostly figure with backrounds (today-saturday)-also found a female tusken with the child side ways - all the others had the child facing front like every other figure ??anyone else see any of these??


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    The first few shipments of Ep2 figures had the backgrounds, but Hasbro decided they really didn't add much so they stopped making them. Maybe in the far future they will command a whole dollar or two more on the secondary market but I wouldn't worry too much about them.

    I have never seen the Tusken child sideways, it may just be an error and unique to the one you saw.

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    thankyou bigbarda-

    odd though that 90 % of what i saw today at toys are us all had the backrounds???


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