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    Can the Super Battle Droids talk?

    I figure they can since regular BD's can, also are Commander, Pilot, and Security BD's in AOTC?

    I figure there'll be some Pilot Droids on the Trade Federation Core ships, though don't know about the others.

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    Yes, they can talk, but I don't know if we get to hear them.

    But I know that droidekas cannot talk--they lack vocabulators. They let their guns to the talking!!!

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    Unhappy Super Battle Droids.......

    I wish I knew George's rationale on these things.....

    why create "Super" battle droids?, isn't that what the hell a Droideka is????

    that's what I thought anyway......

    and why keep the BDs, when the Clones are now the standard rank and file troop?
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    The Clones belong to the Republic. The droids belong to the Trade Federation and the Seperatists.

    A super battle droid is just a better version of the flimsy battle droid.
    A droideka is like heavy artillery, and far too expensive to mass-produce.

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    they had TONS of the destroyer droids in the battle of naboo...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Not nearly as many as there were battle droids...

    There's like 1 droideka for every 100 battle droids.

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    Think of it like this:

    battle droid = light infantry
    super battle droid = Infantry
    droideka = artillery
    federation tank heavy artillery

    kinda like they send in the battle droids to provide up close firepower and mass cover. The super battle droids are more focused and have bazookas and stuff so they aim for more specific targets. the droidekas are like mobile cannons and the tanks are just tanks that destroy larger targets and cause confusion that the battle droids and super battle droids mop up after their intitial volleys of fire. it's a tactical move to have the super battle droids just like our modern army uses heavier armed soldiers to do the same job.

    I'm not au fait with military tactics but the whole thing seems pretty well worked out to me. They also have the benefit of the wheel tanks and the spider droids and dwarf spider droids which are deployed ouside the arena on the landing stages of the clone armies. As seen in the TV ads and trailers.


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