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    Find any good deals?

    Since stores have sometimes cleared whole aisles for Episode II toys, I am wondering if anyone has picked up any great bargains on any POTJ or Ep1 stuff. As someone who buys a lot of their collection on clearance, I relish these moments because it allows me to buy the stuff I have had my eyes on for months.

    Case in point, I went shopping today and picked up a Luke and Leia 25th Anniversary set for $7.90 at Target. Certainly beats the original price of $15.99. Also snagged me a 12inch Ep1 Watto for $2.75. In addition, I passed up on some POTJ at Target for $3.20 (the Ketwol wave) and the FX-7/Zutton wave some on clearance at TRU. This basically proves my point that if you have the patience and wait long enough, you will eventually find most of what you need on clearance.
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    The only problem with waiting for clearance is that it's typically the pegwarmers that get clearanced because that's the only chance stores have of getting them off the shelves!! Sure, you could be patient and wait for a clearance sale, but there's a good chance that the figure you've had your eye on will be gone long before a clearance sale. At least if you see it in the store when it comes out, you can buy it now and have it. Wait and you may never get it (or you'll pay through the nose on-line).

    Personally, I'd rather spend the $6-8 for a figure I really want when I see it (especially if it's the ONLY time I've seen it) than wait to save a couple bucks. When POTJ and Saga figures are only $5.88 at Wal-Mart and $5.99 at KB Toys, finding a figure on clearance for $3.70 is not a big difference. It's not worth waiting for.
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    The only things I get on clearance are usually ships and figures I want extra of.

    At my local Ames store, they had Deluxe Sail Barge Leia on clearance for $4. They actually still have some Preview Battle Droid with STAP and some Leia Speederbike figures also.
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    The only really good deals I've had on POTJ stuff was at KB. I got the Deluxe Leia and Amanaman for $7 something and the Dagobah Vader for $2.99. Oh yeah, Target did have the X-wing Luke wave on clearance at XMas which I also got.

    I'm hoping TRU will have the last two POTJ waves show up on clearance soon since I've never seen them in the stores.
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    The TRU here had the "Darth Maul and Sith Speeder" for $3. I don't know if anyone else thinks that's a good deal, but it was the first time I saw them that low so I snatched one up.

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    Sometimes waiting is a good idea. I didn't start collecting EP1 until TRU had them for 1.97. I picked up all the peg warmers and 2 each of TC-14 .00 and R2-B1 .01. I had to get all the hard ones like Sio Bibble and Pit droids from ebay, so it pretty much evened itself out. But I always say, if you see buy it, because most likely it wont be there tomorrow.
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