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    Exclamation Simpsons Playsets

    so i finally got my damn pin pal burns...
    so where are the new playsets?
    have they shipped?
    did they git highjacked?
    was it all a big farce?

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    Re: Simpsons Playsets

    Originally posted by drsidious
    so where are the new playsets?
    Which playsets?
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    the arcade an the church
    where the hell r they?

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    The only playsets I've really seen have been the Mayor Quimby set, the Bowling Alley with Apu (which I assume is the one you're looking for) and the Comic Book Guy set.

    I don't really collect them, Star Wars is enough of a strain on my pocketbook, but I do find them interesting and try to stay current with what's new.
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    Red face Jimbo Found

    I found the Jimbo/Arcade at a KB-Toys in Los Angeles just this week. Another store had all series SIX figures too.

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    i just picked um up myself
    oh an im glad those treehouse of horrors playsets shipped

    an im glad its gonna be a pain in the skull to find one

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    Unhappy THOH2

    I'm gonna start making some serious morning runs to my local TRU for this new exclusive. So far sightings have been scarce, but do include New Jersey, Staten Island, & San Jose, CA. Good luck with this one!!!

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    well i spent all sat mornin lookin 4 it but whin i got home i found my radioactive man an fallout boy set waitin in da mail 4 me
    but in still urked i dint git a kang n kodos
    so i keep huntin

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    Unhappy TRU SKN

    I just traveled through Dallas last weekend and found the THOH2 stickers on the shelves at several TRU's, but no toys. We haven't been lucking enough to grab any out here in Los Angeles either since my return. I did manage to nab the Skn though 34-3156 which should work quite nicely. I've seen two different prices - $34.99 and $39.99. Wow, they're really trying to cash in on this one aren't they?! Good luck...

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    Thumbs up

    I do not usually buy these figures, but i thought the Alien playset is awesome. I just picked that up.
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