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    The time I met Jeremy Bulloch and David Prowse...

    here's the story:
    jeremy bulloch and david prowse were in Paris in a comic shop giving autographes today (starting 14:00) so I went there with two pals and we arrived at 12:30
    there was already a line so we joined it
    after about 4 friggin hours of standing outside in the cold (we thought it would get warm and were only wearing t-shirts) and even rain, it was finally our turn to meet them and get signatures
    when we got in, we all said hi and I let my SE widevision card with boba fett sign by jeremy bulloch when I suddenly saw a sign saying: photo (dinA4 format) 20 euro and additional signature 15 euros!!! WTF I wanted to let some more cards sign but when I saw the sign I chose not to
    so we chatted with bulloch a couple of minutes (dave prowse was pretty rude IMO, he didn't say hi and anything) we left the store with me having one single signature on a small card for 15 euro and my pals having nothing since they aren't THAT big SW fans and thought it was too expensive (well, it was!)
    we waited 4 hours for one lousy signature for 15 euros!
    but well in a couple of years (or hours) I will be happy that I met them and even having a signature, even if it was damn expensive
    at least now I know bulloch has a son teaching history in a school in germany

    BTW, were you there bossk, if so how do you look like
    maybe we even met eachother without knowing

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    Would you know what 15 euro would be in US dollars??

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    15 euro= $13.54 US Dollars
    May the force be with you.

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    I met Bulloch and Prowse at a convention in Germany in November 1998. i got both their autographs.

    I also met Peter Mayhew. I asked him what he kept in the bag on his bandoleer as Chewbacca, and he said he had sandwishes in it.

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    I've never met any Star Wars Celebrities!

    I was going to meet Billy Dee Williams at an art gallery (they were displaying his art there, as well as being an actor he also paints pictures of jazz players and things like that) Unfortunatley we had this huge snowfall and couldn't get out of our house! I was so mad!

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    I've met both Prowse and Bulloch. Bulloch was really nice, but Prowse was kind of a jerk and had B.O. to boot.

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    I saw them both at Wizard World this year along with Mayhew, and they do indeed fetch a good price for their autographs - $15 per autograph or $20 for a signed pic from their table.
    I thought it was a bit too pricey, but figured since it was my first con I may as well splurge.

    Lemme tell you though, as high as those prices seem, Amy Allen, Michonne Bouriange, and Jerome Blake were also charging $20.
    Okay, if Vader/Chewie/Fett can garner that much, where do those other ones get off charging the same?
    I passed on the latter 3, but took several pics of my non-experience.

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    I wish I would ahve meet them both.
    "hopped up on Jar Jar Binks"


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