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    I am not sure about anywhere else, but in SoCal "decent" and "idiot" are all-to-frequently interchangeable. I can't tell you how often I get angry with myself for doing a "right thing" that I know few others around here would do. I have come to tolerate the fact that a kind deed will usually make me end up on the losing end.

    Now let's look at this situation (and this is information only, it is not my place nor intent to chastise). The truth is that you did not do Everette any favors. You chose not to steal from him (and that is good), but you did not give him anything that he did not already have (in this case...a chance to get a T.I.E. Interceptor). You had no claim to that particular peice save for through a dishonest act. I am glad you made the right choice, but that particular choice doesn't bring you up on the "Goodpersonometer". But you do get to stay at the same level, it doesn't bring you down on the scale either.

    This opinion is based largely on my own belief that values in general are moving away from good deeds being a matter of course. Now we all (me included) feel that we are owed a debt of gratitude if we do something nice for someone.
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    You did the right thing. Unless any of the following were true:

    1) Everette had only enough to buy bread for his starving children, but is a cruel man who likes Star Wars. In this case, he would have bought the Interceptor and not have had enough to feed his children, who would therefore either starve or be sold to Bill Gates. In this case, you did those kids wrong.

    2) Everette had sold his soul to Satan in order to get that Interceptor. In this case, you did evil.

    3) You are unaware that you have multiple personalities and that Everette is one of them. In this case, you were ignorant and missed out on an Interceptor that you yourself reserved.

    4) Everette is planning to sell this Interceptor to a friend in Canada for $100. He will do so, enjoy the extra money, and embark on the life of a scalper, buying everything in your area and selling it online at a 200% markup. In this case, you hurt yourself and all other collectors in your area.

    5) Everette is actually GNT. In this case, you were an idiot, because you passed it up only so that it could be bought by someone in Australia--and we all know everything's a pegwarmer down under! (J/K, GNT )
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    WOW! An SSG player doing the considerate thing. That must be a first! If it had been me and I had left the TIE behind, evertte would have been a major scalper. But that's just my luck.

    I commend you on your character.
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    Sean the Hutt
    You did the right thing. It not only would have ruined that guys day, but some one might have lost there job as well! Cause and effect, Action reaction.. Basic laws of physics always apply. You will get a tie, don't worry. You bot a B wing right? Your TRU must have at least one helpful employee. Mine does, and he is holding me one this weekend hopefully. That could have been my interceptor! karma peace out

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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    5) Everette is actually GNT. In this case, you were an idiot, because you passed it up only so that it could be bought by someone in Australia--and we all know everything's a pegwarmer down under! (J/K, GNT )
    Very true,everything is a PEGWARMER here!
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    El Chuxter...that was funny as h*ll!!

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    I would have bought it. Thats life I guess. It's happened to me before so, basically to bad for them. What goes around comes around.
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    El Chuxter is right on! Especially about #s 1 and 4, plus 2, 3 , and 5. I hope that I won't see a "Not Without My TIE Interecptor" movie poster anytime soon! (Some of you veteran SSGers might recall that debate)

    Darth Cruel basically said what I would. I'd add this sad commentary: why did you feel the need to ask if you did the right thing? Something that belongs to someone else (disregarding the TRU policy JediTricks noted) is just that: not yours. I feel you "did the right thing," but I personally think it's a moot point as to whether there was a "decent" or "idiot" side to this issue.
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    Well, it's not like you helped feed a starving family or stopped a crime, so I wouldn't say it was the decent thing to do.

    However, buying something that was clearly marked for someone else would've been petty but not "wrong" per se.

    Anyways, why all this worrying? It's just a TIE Interceptor toy, nothing important in the grand scheme of things. Although if we were talking about the TIE Bomber, then I wouldn't call you an idiot just a complete utter moron!!!!
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    I COMPLETELY agree with JediTricks. During my first year of college, I worked at a TRU. We often held items for customers, because there was no layaway policy. Long before I left there, they did indeed switch to a "no holds" policy. Pulling off the hold tag would have been deceitful, but addressing an employee about the item would have been civil and fair.

    I have to disagree with Darth Cruel's suggestion that doing so would be "stealing" from Everette. It is the property of TRU. This fits in with what Bel-Cam Jos said about the toy not belonging to INDIANA. Well, it certainly did not belong to Everett either. It's TRU's property, and since they have a policy regarding their wares, compliance with it should be expected.

    After saying all of that, I commend you for leaving it there. It would not have been wrong for you to acquire it, but in the instance that Everette did come back for it --- you did him a favor.


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