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    I wouldn't say you committed a saintly act. A saintly
    act would be if you saw the last Interceptor on the shelf
    and you grabbed it, but on your way to pay for it, poor
    little Timmy started crying because he just missed out.
    So, being a basically good person, you hand the toy
    over to little Timmy who is overjoyed.

    But you resisted the temptation of easily throwing away
    that hold sign, and grabbing it, and you should be
    commended for that. There are scalpers I know (no,
    not personally) who probably would have robbed that
    Interceptor from the shopping cart of an elderly woman
    (if they bought toys) while her back was turned, or
    snatched it away from a little kid. You didn't stoop
    to their level, so kudos to you
    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    I hope that I won't see a "Not Without My TIE Interecptor" movie poster anytime soon!
    BCJ(formerly 3), you can't throw out something that sounds that interesting without elaborating. As Ricky Ricardo would say, "You got some 'splaining to do!"
    That's my jacket!

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    Originally posted by Cool Han Luke
    Why don't you call and have them hold one for you? I'm sure if it worked for ole Everette it will work for you. Just give them the SKN# 239316 and find out when there next shipment is.Once you find out the date you can call and have them hold one. It worked for me.
    The Force must be with you. The weak-minded fools that staff the TRUs in my area hold nothing for no one. Don't even ask. But that is always the case with TRU. There are no set policies in place, or if there are, most of their employees do not know them. One store may hold something for you while another will staunchly refuse to hold anything. The rationale of the manager at one store when Sith Worm tried to get something held for me was, "Someone may want to buy it". He had zero luck warming the manager up to the idea that someone DID want to buy it, he just couldn't be there at that exact moment. I was able to find what I came for a few hours later despite the idiot manager, but I don't know why my money was considered any less green for my delay in arriving to spend it than anyone elses.

    As for doing the right thing, you did. The old, "What if that was held for me and someone else took it anyway" axium holds very true. Much to my surprise, many years ago, Bubba Fatt managed a Jedi mind trick that resulted in a TRU holding two 12" Han/TaunTaun sets for us, the reason I have one to this day.
    "Does the name "Dingo" mean anything to you?" - Jedi Boulton to DingoDad at the October Dallas ComiCon.

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    Thumbs up

    DECENT GUY!!! Way to go bro.
    As always...........L

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    I was in TRU today and saw 2 TIEs sitting on the shelf but didn't get 'em 'cause I didn't have enough money.

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    Are you serious, El C? I thought you'd remember "Not Without My Jar-Jar" from the old Old Forums. Or are you saying I should educate our fellow Forumites?

    Too late; I already copyrighted these parodies: Rogue Juan, Rogue Won, Rogue Huan, Rogue Wan, Rogue Obi-Wan, Rouge One, Rogue Wand.

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    Eh, BCJ, it's not ringing a bell. I'll probably recognize it as soon as you enlighten everyone else, though. You know how that goes.

    (Kindly refrain from senility/Sio Bibble icon jokes, please.)
    That's my jacket!


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