I was at the TRU in Woodfield last night looking for the TIE. I asked the manager who told me they did recieve them (first time I heard about them hitting the Chicago area) BUT they were all gone. She wasn't sure how many she got in. As I was leaving (it was AFTER 9:30 and I was one of the last people in the store) I look up by the service desk and lo and behold, in a cart right next to the desk is a TIE. I grab it quick like and notice a big red and white sticker HOLD FOR....

NOW.....I look around and the closest employee is about 30 feet away at a register. There's NO ONE at the desk. It would have taken me seconds to toss the HOLD sticker away, walk up to the cashier and buy the thing outright.

I didn't.

As I made my way to the door, TIE-less, I already began kicking myself for doing/not doing the right/wrong thing???

Idiot or decent guy?