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    Question Am I an idiot or a decent guy ??????

    I was at the TRU in Woodfield last night looking for the TIE. I asked the manager who told me they did recieve them (first time I heard about them hitting the Chicago area) BUT they were all gone. She wasn't sure how many she got in. As I was leaving (it was AFTER 9:30 and I was one of the last people in the store) I look up by the service desk and lo and behold, in a cart right next to the desk is a TIE. I grab it quick like and notice a big red and white sticker HOLD FOR....

    NOW.....I look around and the closest employee is about 30 feet away at a register. There's NO ONE at the desk. It would have taken me seconds to toss the HOLD sticker away, walk up to the cashier and buy the thing outright.

    I didn't.

    As I made my way to the door, TIE-less, I already began kicking myself for doing/not doing the right/wrong thing???

    Idiot or decent guy?

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    PS If your name is EVERETTE and you have a TIE on hald at the Woodfield owe me.........

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    decent if you ask me. I tend to think in terms of "what if I was the one they were holding it for". Then again, I can't say what I would have done in that situation, but I think you did the right thing.

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    Why don't you call and have them hold one for you? I'm sure if it worked for ole Everette it will work for you. Just give them the SKN# 239316 and find out when there next shipment is.Once you find out the date you can call and have them hold one. It worked for me.

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    Nice job, Indiana...

    ,,,you absolutely did the right thing. I often ask my TRU to hold things for me, or for the area Fan Club that I am president of, and they always oblige me, and I would feel hurt, anger and rage if I was to return for said held items, only to find them gone. You see, I have a relationship with this TRU, and they have been very kind to assist me in my needs, and I return the favor by calling them if I decide not to return to purchase the items. I take only what I need, and if I happen to be short of cash, I can always have that which I cannot then afford held for me. Anyhoo, Kindness begets kindness. In this hobby, that's an all too rare thing. Kudos, to you, Indiana. You did good.
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    Well since my TRU doesn't have a HOLD FOR policy thingy I'd say idiot.

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    Re: Am I an idiot or a decent guy ??????

    Originally posted by INDIANA
    Am I an idiot or a decent guy ??????
    Yopur an Idiot for not getting it!

    and your a decent guy for leaving it,which makes you not greedy!
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    "Idiot"? No, but you made a mistake that cost you a TIE Interceptor, and you didn't even have to to remain "decent" since TRU has a corporate policy of not holding toys past closing, you could have asked an employee for it since the original buyer didn't show up in time. I've gotten a bunch of stuff that way, all I had to do was ask the employees and they were MORE than happy to hand me the item since it saved them from having to put it back themselves.
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    I'll say it for you Indiana. D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would have to say you are one decent person.Hats off and what ever else i'm wearing to you.The person who was having that held for them may never know just what you did for them but we do.
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