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    Question Do you like Luke?

    I just watched the classic trilogy over the last week and I've been meaning to start this thread for a while. I did a search, and I can't see this being debated before but apologies if it has.

    What do you think to Luke Skywalker the character? What do you think about what he says and does, and his role as hero?
    Just for the sake of this discussion, ignore things like script and acting, just think about what you see on screen as if it's real.

    Here's my two pence...
    I think he's lame. I love the films and I love most of the other characters (except for Han, Leia and Lando) and I love the story etc etc. But Luke Skywalker is one of the most unconvincing, and generall lame heroes I've ever seen. I don't like the way he whines all the time, and I just don't like the fella. Okay, he's the hero and the entire saga revolves around him and his father, but don't you think he's a bit lame?
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    His a whining brat with proabably the worst hair cut threw out the entire SW galaxy...

    Too bad Harrison ford did'nt play his part...
    Hmmm, that actaully would'nt had been such a bad idea...

    But then Burt Reynolds would of been Solo and SW was gonna suck...

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    I don't like Harrison either. Perhaps they should just have omitted the entire Luke character. Maybe Yoda could have a long lost son and it could be about him. We could call him Phillip. I'm not sure exactly where Darth Vader fits into this new version, but I'm sure one of you lot can figure it out.
    Maybe he kidnaps Yoda. That sounds about right.
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    Part of me wanted to say "I like Luke, but I don't 'like' like him," but that would've been inappropriate.

    Do I like Luke Skywalker as a character? Yes. He's the model by which all down-and-out or confused "little guys" out there. Part of his success came from powerful allies and friends, but also some of it was from within himself. Was he played to perfection? Of course not. However that imperfection made Luke seem more realistic, because he had faults. Was Han cooler? Arr.
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    luke eventually becomes a cooler character by "empire" ....his outfits were key and his increased confidence was also a plus. i think he did the job well enough - heck we're still talking about him afterall.


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    I didn't really like the character in ANH.

    I didn't really like the character in the begining of ESB.

    I started to like him towards the end of ESB, right around the time he was battling dear ol' Dad.

    I really began to like the character in ROTJ.

    I like the character even better in the Zahn novels. The EU stuff really brought out more of his character. Though I suspect that had more to do with the Authors ability to convey the character well on paper.
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    He never really interested me as a kid; but now he is one of my favorites. I don't mind his whininess or mistakes, something we all do at one time or another.

    One interesting note, Luke didn't exist when Lucas presented the rough draft to 20th Century Fox. Lucas had to create him in order for the studio to finance the product, since they didn't believe the movie would sell without a young male lead.
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    That's incredible! So what was the plot before Luke was concieved? (so to speak)
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    ??? then Han was the last Jedi and son to Vader... Meaning that he goes furtherer with his sister than Luke doe's... ??? EEEESSHHHHHH


    So then, what would have the orginal plot been... ???


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