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    5 best trilogy's

    Mine are.....

    1.Star Wars Original Trilogy
    2.Indiana Jones Trilogy
    3.Back to the Future Trilogy
    4.Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I know only one of them has been released but after seeing and loving the first I know the next two will be just as good)
    5.Karate Kid Trilogy (not counting that STUPID Next Karate Kid, I don't even think of that as a Karate Kid movie)

    Opps, make that top 6 I forgot the Jurassic Park Trilogy.

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    Here's my top 6...:

    1. Star Wars (of course)
    2. Lord of the Rings
    3. Indiana Jones
    4. Terminator (It will be trilogy when T3 is released)
    5. Die Hard

    (6. Jurassic Park)

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    OH man I forgot Die Hard. Can I change it to top 7 now? LOL

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    Top 7? Then in that case...

    7. The Matrix (when 2 and 3 comes out)

    and for when you want to make it top 8, 9 and 10 the rest are:

    8. Austin Powers (when 3 comes out)
    9. Back to the Future
    10. Scream (hey I ran out of trilogys)


    P.S. Shouldn't I have put the prequel trilogy in here somewhere?

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    1. Star Wars (Don't know whether I like PT or OT more cause havent seen all PT)
    2. Star Wars (See #1)
    3. LOTR

    Havent seen many trilogies

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    However you have to remember there are 4 Iron Eagle films with the final one being released on HBO and video only. My question also has been, how did Louis Gossett Jr. go from winning an Emmy in Roots and an Oscar in An Officer and a Gentleman to Jaws 3-D, Iron Eagle, to now making his biggest wave in The Inspectors films. Just a shame ...

    However I did enjoy Enemy Mine, Iron Eagle I & III, and Diggstown.

    By the way, what does one call a series with 4 films, a quadrology???

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    In no particular order:

    The Original Star Wars Trilogy
    Back To The Future Trilogy
    The Evil Dead trilogy
    Indiana Jones Trilogy
    The Porky's Trilogy
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    Star Wars
    Indiana Jones
    Batman (I'm willing to include Forever as part of the trilogy because Tm Burton produced it, even though it was pretty pitiful.)
    Back to the Future

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    No one has mentioned:

    Evil Dead Trilogy
    Toxic Avenger
    can I count Police Academy?
    Home Alone
    The Substitute
    Naked Gun
    Texes Chainsaw Massacre (actually, they may have made 4, and i think 4 had Rene Zelwegger and Matthew McCon-o-hay or however you spell it)
    Smokey and the Bandit
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Major League

    I could probably go on......but I won't
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"


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