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  • Collection 1, Asst. 1: Anakin Peasant, Padme, C-3PO, Jango RH, Kit Fisto etc.

    277 98.93%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 1: Captain Typho, Tusken Mother, Boba Fett, Shaak-Ti etc.

    262 93.57%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 2: SaeSee Tiin, Geonosian Warrior, Dexter Jettster, JarJar etc.

    245 87.50%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 3: Taun We, Royal Guard, Luminara Undulli

    177 63.21%
  • Collection 1, Asst. 2: Count Dooku, Anakin Hanger Duel, Master Yoda, Red Clone, etc.

    179 63.93%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    in canada i found all that was availble, 21 figures all at walmart only 1-14 at tru
    which would be figures #1-18, 20, 21, 24

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    Tuesday night at my local TRU, we only found 1-1 & 2-2, mostly with backrounds. Frustrated & mildly annoyed, we had the manager call other TRUs in the area to see where we should go next. He was a complete Star Wars illiterate, so told him, "Just ask if they have Yoda." None of the TRUs on Long Island had that case, so we left disappointed.

    The next morning I tracked down 2-1 & 2-3 at a Wal-Mart. Now I have everything but the Dooku wave & the Royal Guard. I figured I'd get them all in one shot, like 3 years ago. I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the distribution. I think Times Square got all the figures & the rest of NY got something else.

    At least I got Luminara so that I can add her autographed figure to my collection. To paraphrase Joey Tribiani, "It's Indy baby!"
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    Went to the Super Wal-mart off route 23 on the north side of Columbus, OH....we got there early (10:30) and were first in line and saw where the rare figures were being put on the pegs. I knew that the Guard, Taun We and Luminara would be a huge pain to find, so, my friend went right to where they were and snatched one for each of us. With any extras, we held them up and asked, "Anybody need this one??" and they were quickly snatched/needed by somebody else. I'd say there were only about 8-10 of those figures put on the shelves that night. Found Count Dooku at the Wal-mart off 256 in Reynoldsburg about an hour later, i kid you not, like a case of them...i dunno how!! Next day, found Dexter Jexter at Target....they actually pulled through, i couldn't believe it. I might have an extra Count Dooku if anybody needs it. I e-mailed my friend in Cali to see if he needed it, but he hasn't mailed me back yet. If he doesn't want it, somebody else is more than welcome to have it. and don't worry, i'm not going to sell it for more than i paid for it. ta ta!!
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    What I found . . .

    Okay, I don't know the waves and all but I know the numbers. These are the ones I've seen at either Wal-Mart or Target on or around 4-23 (I didn't include the sub-names in the parens):

    1. Anakin Skywalker
    2. Padmé Amidala
    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    4. C-3PO
    5. Kit Fisto
    6. Super Battle Droid
    7. Boba Fett
    8. Tusken Raider
    9. Captain Typho
    10. Shaak Ti
    11. Battle Droid
    12. Plo Koon
    13. Jango Fett
    14. R2-D2
    15. Geonosian Warrior
    16. Dexter Jettster
    17. Clone Trooper
    18. Zam Wesell
    19. Royal Guard
    20. Saesee Tiin
    21. Nikto
    22. Anakin Skywalker
    24. Jar Jar Binks
    25. Taun We

    And that's it. No Yoda, Dooku, or Luminara, but I haven't been back in a few days.
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    I found most of my figures at Wal-Mart, and a few at K-mart. But I never saw the Royal Guard, Luminara, Taun We and Count Dooku. I'll try Wal-mart again on Monday with Target to see if I can't pick up these.
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    Cool found all waves

    Greeting collecting fans,

    I managed to get lucky and find all 27 figures over the first week. I am in phoenix, Az and most Walmarts and TRU had a good selection. What with the F!@%s at K-mart and Target Charging $6.99, what a freaking joke even TRU is only $5.99. Target and K-mart can kiss my ***. Anyway, I only picked Dooku, Yoda and Royal Guard up at midnight Madness at Walmart. I also have most of the Background variations, I am only missing Dexter w/ Background, Plo Koon w/ Background, and Battle Droid w/ Background............I have looked everywhere!!!!!!!!! Has anyone even seen these figures with backgrounds??????????????? Happy Hunting everyone......MTFBWY...........jaybo..

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    I'm a little confused, I watched my Wal-Mart open up several cases of Coll 1, Asst 2, and while every case had a Red Clonetrooper not a single one had HD Anakin, Dooku or Yoda. Was there some kind of inconsistency in the assortments?

    No sign of the Royal Guard/Taun We wave over here at all.
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    Big Barada, maybe an employee had raided the C1 asst. 2 cases for Dookus, Yodas, and Anakins first.

    Was it a sealed case?

    Could it possibly been a secretly RE-sealed case?

    Zam would be the only other C1 asst. 2 figure you didn't mention. Was she in the case?

    I've never seen that box opened myself. Both times I got Anakin and Dooku, they were already on the racks and the boxes they came in were gone.

    Plus I don't even know if the boxes just say Collection 1 and Collection 2, and nothing about the assortments, or otherwise.

    OK - whoops. They do. I picked up some empty cases to use for storage that night. I got them at TRU Morena Drive, and they had the Tusken wave. Sure enough, I'm looking at the case I brought home to store figures in - it says C2 wave 1 on it. And this is a store that has no Geonosians or Dexter Jettsters (or Royal Guards for that matter).

    SW E2 COL # 2 Basic Figure Asst. Wv.1 R1 is what is listed on the box. (again, that's the Tusken, Shaak-Ti, Baby Fett box)

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    Everything was out in the St. Paul MN area, but you had to do some massive hunting the next day.

    One wal-mart had posting up that you could only buy 2 action figures. They had all the cases, but the Yoda, Dooku & Hanger Duel case was rare. I think they only had 1 or 2. But since you could only buy 2 figures, I just bought the beast, and speeders and left.

    The toys r us, had all the cases, minus the yoda case, and only had a scattering of the warrior case.

    K-mart had the boba fett case and the anakin pesant case only.

    Target only had the anakin pesant case out.

    Out of the 27 figs, I managed only 26 since the dooku case was very rare, and he is the only figure I'm missing.

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    On the 23rd and 24th I hit a TRU, Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Meijer's, and Biggs and found 20 of the 27. Today I hit a different Wal-Mart and TRU. I found 5 of the 7 I was missing at Wal-Mart (Taun We, Hangar Anakin, Zam, Royal Guard, and Luminara. Still no sign of Count Dooku or Yoda. Maybe I'll try Kaybee.
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