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  • Collection 1, Asst. 1: Anakin Peasant, Padme, C-3PO, Jango RH, Kit Fisto etc.

    277 98.93%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 1: Captain Typho, Tusken Mother, Boba Fett, Shaak-Ti etc.

    262 93.57%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 2: SaeSee Tiin, Geonosian Warrior, Dexter Jettster, JarJar etc.

    245 87.50%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 3: Taun We, Royal Guard, Luminara Undulli

    177 63.21%
  • Collection 1, Asst. 2: Count Dooku, Anakin Hanger Duel, Master Yoda, Red Clone, etc.

    179 63.93%
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Big Barada, maybe an employee had raided the C1 asst. 2 cases for Dookus, Yodas, and Anakins first.

    Was it a sealed case?

    Could it possibly been a secretly RE-sealed case?

    Zam would be the only other C1 asst. 2 figure you didn't mention. Was she in the case?

    I've never seen that box opened myself. Both times I got Anakin and Dooku, they were already on the racks and the boxes they came in were gone.

    Plus I don't even know if the boxes just say Collection 1 and Collection 2, and nothing about the assortments, or otherwise.

    OK - whoops. They do. I picked up some empty cases to use for storage that night. I got them at TRU Morena Drive, and they had the Tusken wave. Sure enough, I'm looking at the case I brought home to store figures in - it says C2 wave 1 on it. And this is a store that has no Geonosians or Dexter Jettsters (or Royal Guards for that matter).

    SW E2 COL # 2 Basic Figure Asst. Wv.1 R1 is what is listed on the box. (again, that's the Tusken, Shaak-Ti, Baby Fett box)
    It's possible they were re-sealed. They did have Zam in the assortment, tons of her; but I forgot to mention her. The boxes themselves didn't always match up. Some sealed cases came in the standard brown box with black lettering, others showed up in strange brown boxes with pink and blue lettering that made no mention of Star Wars; but those were Coll1, Asst1 figures.
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    Let's see. I think I found all of them today except for Dooku, Female Tusken raider, Boba, and Taun We. This is in Fitchburg/Leominster/Lunenburg, MA.

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    Between the 2 TRUs near me they had all 27 basics. Each had a wave that the other didn't have the Geonosian wave, the other didn't have Yoda's wave. Most of the backgrounds could be found with the exception of Dexter. The only 3 I didn't get were the Royal Guard, Taun We, and Luminaria cause they were quick to dissappear. Yoda and Dooku were also quick to go.
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    Talking The skinny on Collection One

    There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding Collection 1 around these parts. The reason Big Barada watched a mess of Collection 1, Wave 2 cases opened to no Anakin, Yoda or Dooku, is because they were never intended to be IN those cases. Wave 2 is Zam and the Clonetrooper. Wave 3 is Dooku x2, Anakin x2 and Yoda x2, in addition to the Clonetrooper x3, Zam x2 and a single Outland Anakin.

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    I've found every one within a few days, about 19 on midnight madness day and a few the next couple of days. No Taun We, Luminara Unduli, Royal Guard or Dooku.
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    Talking Found all 27

    I found 24 of the 27 figures at Wal-mart. I had to go to KB toys and pay premium for the other 3 (Taun We, Royal Guard, Luminara Undulli).
    Count Dooku was the last figure I found because those idiots at Wal-mart held back a whole skid of toys for their sale flyer, only to advertise them at full price and lose a tremendous amount in lost sales while frustrated collectors flocked to other stores that were more than happy to sell everything they received right away! My Wal-mart said the cases in the back were only more of the same (yeah right). Way to go Wal-mart! I can't wait for the big clearance! We all begged and pleaded on opening night for them to restock but they refused while talking some mumbo jumbo about fairness to all customers. Perhaps there version of fairness is my friend and I finding 8 Count Dooku figures 3 days later at the same store when they finally did put the rest of the cases out (long after all the other frustrated collectors had left and purchased the remainder of their collections elsewhere). My friend and I split them up and I distributed my half among people I know, after picking the best paint job for myself of course!
    Now had those idiots put them out on opening night, every die hard collector there would have had one for their collection and my friend and I would not have been in a panic to grab every one we saw had we been able to purchase one the first night. Oh Well! These chain stores need to hire people who know the product they are selling so they can better help the customer and better place their orders! They also need to treat their adult collectors with more respect as I feel we buy the majority of SW figures sold!

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    I found them all but count dooku.I found the deluxe(flipping action)dooku.I found some at toysrus,kaybee,ebay,and jams toys.It was'nt as hard as I thought it might be.I know that toysrus hac a good price on the figure($5.99-basic $9.99-deluxe)

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    I found all 27 at Wal Mart, but haven't seen yoda, royal guard or Dooku since. Ours opened at 6 AM, and by 63 all tie bomber and snowspeeder exclusives were gone.
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    All but Dooku!

    I found all but Dooku, not that he wasn't at my WalMart, just couldn't get to him quick enough with all the other collectors about. Did snag a Tie Bomber and Snowspeeder though. Thankfully!
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    Looks like pretty much the consensus is that Dooku was the major MIA figure with Taun We, RG, and LU close behind.

    I went to the Orem, UT WM, which is a supercenter and found all but the four figures I just mentioned. Plus they didn't have any TIE/Bs. I should have gone down to the Springville, WM just a few miles away. There were less people and had the TIE/B plus plenty of Dookus. I still haven't seen any nor heard of anyone in this area finding any since MM. I bet some stores have cases in the back, but are just unwilling to look for the case number to bring out.
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