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  • The Trade Federation AAT Tank controls the market!

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  • The Desert Skiff is a bright oasis that rises above the sand!

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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 13!!!

    The Tatooine Desert Skiff takes on the Trade Federation AAT Tank in the 4th to the last round of the preliminary matches to determine the ultimate Hasbro Star Wars vehicle!

    The Desert Skiff sits atop display "landing struts" and features an extending plank that breaks away to pitch figures off to their doom! The side rails also "break away" to simulate battle wear, as does a brand new paint deco on a re-release of one of the most elusive Star Wars vehicles, molded originally in the vintage years. The pilot's controls at the rear of this cargo carrier remotely operate the craft's features, and a thumb toggle switch guides the steering rudder fins. Packaged in a window box display simulating the Rebels' fight against Jabba the Hutt over the Great Pit of Carkoon, the Skiff was released as a still very hard to find Target exclusive, and included a Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight figure packaged with it (and a lot of twist-ties). The skiff can easily hold 7 (seven) action figures!

    From the Battle of Naboo comes the Trade Federation's AAT Tank, and in fact, Star Wars collectors' first tank ever! This vehicle is deceptive in its slim closed packaging: once opened and fully assembled, the AAT is a good sized vehicle! "Floating" on hidden wheels that give the tank the look that its operating on working repulsarlifts, the vehicle is raised into optimal firing range for its no-less-than 4 actually firing, mobile-missle launcher tubes. The vehicle is also well defended from both surface and arial assault by a pair of side-mounted multi-blaster cannons, while the main turret holds a very powerful single-barrel laser cannon. Another feature lets you position OOM-9 (not included) in the command tower and a remote lever makes him pop out of the main hatch. If the AAT takes any battle damage, the main pilot's station can be blasted open and the pilot Battle Droid is ejected, while an interior panel cleverly switches from displaying a "clean and new" Droid gunner, to a blasted and battle-damaged one! The AAT can also serve as a troop transport because it may take on up to 4 more Battle Droids on action figure stands that flank its sides to quickly move the Trade Federation Forces into position to take over the market!

    Which vehicle is your favorite?

    The winner will continue on in the SSG Battle of the Machines Quarterfinals to determine the best Star Wars toy from Hasbro's entire modern collection!

    Vote for your choice now and then let's talk about these great vehicles!
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    AAT is the master of disaster.

    Hands down this is the better toy. Remember this is star WARS and that is what the AAT is for, WAR! This highly armed vehicle would rip you a new one if you confronted it. The skiff although good in design just doesn't measure up. It (Skiff) is relatively tight to fit in as many characters as were on it in he movie. Now the AAT on the other hand has nice curved lines and looks like it could destroy many a diorama. Big and formidable, the AAT has the makings of one kick butt machine.
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    Talking AAT rules

    The AAT is a main battle tank...I wonder why the Empire didn't have tanks, only AT-AT' when it first came out i was pleased......the Skiff is just for transport personel or equipment,,,,,,,you have to see that the scene in ROTJ made it important........
    SO long live the bad guys weapons.. (SKIFF is not a weapon also)
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    Man, this was a toughie! I wish there was a "draw" option instead of having to go one way or the other This match-up was a tie for me, since I like both vehicles so much. But since I like OT stuff more, I went with the skiff. Did the AAT come with a battle droid? For some reason, I can't remember!!

    On a completely seperate note (and probably a victim of wrong place, wrong time), did anyone else who has the AOTC soundtrack notice the electric guitar on Track 3?? How sweet is that?!?!?

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    I have to go with the skiff on this one since I never bought the AAT. The AAT is a good looking ship, but for some reason the idea of those wimpy battle droids driving one around makes me laugh. Plus it's not very armor plated. One shot from the Flash Speeder blew it up in the Final Battle scene. But after taking a pounding from the deck cannon, the Skiff was hardy enough to still work.

    Vote goes for the Skiff.
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    Definitely gotta side with the AAT on this one. The Skiff is rinky dink with not enough room for all the characters that should be on it. The thin leg struts make easily topple-able and the plank only slides out an inch instead of all the way. The rails fall over too easily and its tough to get Pote Snitkins to drive it like he was in the movie (by tough, I mean physically impossible).

    The AAT looks cool, has four cool firing missiles, has that little lever that makes the driver "pop out" and check things out" You can hide a few battle droids in the "blast apart" section". All around cool. i wish i had bought more when I had the chance.
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    Tough choice, I picked the AAT even though I never owned one. It was just one of my favorite designs when early EP1 pics started leaking out. The Skiff is pretty nice but flimsy as a toy. I was never too thrilled with the design as a kid so getting the toy was never a big priority. I still want the AAT though, I just have to bring myself to pay $60 for one online.
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    I don't have either (since the Skiff was a Exclusive, and just couldn't find the Tank, I'd like them both though) but I think the Tank just looks cooler, and does more than the skiff does.

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    I went with the Skiff because the AAT, while a nifty toy and fairly accurate, seems a little lackluster. It doesn't have a pack-in figure and the "blown up battle droid" gimmick doesn't work for me - in fact, that's pretty much how I feel about the whole thing, none of the main body gimmicks work right. The blast-off pilot fails to launch said pilot, the blast-off panel is too loose for regular play, the rotating secondary pilot doesn't wanna work for me, and the pop-up turret droid seat is definitely hokum.
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    Wow! With 100 votes in (at this time) and a 50-50 split between the AAT and the Skiff, I am either amazed at how contested this fight is, or I am suspicious of foul-play. The latter serves little purpose as it prevents us from exploring which craft the fans really like. As a fan, wouldn't even a saboteur be curious?

    In the other case, all I can say is that if it continues to be this gritty of fight, than which ever craft eventually becomes the loser, will undoubtedly be given a shot at a challenge match to see how it would do against the craft that this match's winner will face in the Quarterfinals.

    I have a strong suspicion that neither the Skiff nor the AAT would survive against their next opponent, but you never know...

    Meanwhile, as it's far from being too early to add my own vote in this contest, I'll chime in and support the AAT Tank.

    It is an attack craft and this is Star WARS, plus I love firing missles that can knock my Gungan and Naboo action figures down! I also think the battle-damage feature was very creative, though I agree the cockpit just doesn't stay on too well.

    Just the same, this is one craft that makes the Episode One toy line at least a partial success. We've never had a tank!

    When I look at the vehicles that were released for the other movie's line-ups, either in vintage days or now, it escapes me why the Gungan Sub and the Sith Infiltrator were not added to the Episode One line's N1 Fighter and Royal Starship selection to round out the best choices (along with the Tank). The Pod Racers were cool and I wish they'd make more of them, but the poor material quality used on the droid fighters weakened them from even approaching some collectors' considering them as actual vehicle toys.

    The Tank was a step in the right direction for the E1 line, it was just too underproduced and released way too late.


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