View Poll Results: What waves of Action Figures did you Find? (select all that apply!)

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  • Collection 1, Asst. 1: Anakin Peasant, Padme, C-3PO, Jango RH, Kit Fisto etc.

    277 98.93%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 1: Captain Typho, Tusken Mother, Boba Fett, Shaak-Ti etc.

    262 93.57%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 2: SaeSee Tiin, Geonosian Warrior, Dexter Jettster, JarJar etc.

    245 87.50%
  • Collection 2, Asst. 3: Taun We, Royal Guard, Luminara Undulli

    177 63.21%
  • Collection 1, Asst. 2: Count Dooku, Anakin Hanger Duel, Master Yoda, Red Clone, etc.

    179 63.93%
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    What waves of Action Figures did you Find?

    Different case assortments seem to be shipping to different store locations.

    2 different Toys R Us stores I went to for the Midnight Madness sale each had different cases of different Collection 2 figures.

    This poll asks what cases were you able to find in that first frenzied 24 hours? (and since then)

    Please post what waves you got at what store, what time, and where.

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    My Toys R Us (Grossmont Center, San Diego, California) had only Collection 1's common figures, and then the Geonosian Warrior's wave.

    By going to another Toys R Us, I found the Tusken Mother wave.

    Wal*Mart the next morning had Anakin, Dooku wave, and the Luminara / Royal Guard wave.

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    TRU Times Square and Union Square

    Hello all,

    Well on Tuesday, April 23rd at Midnight I only found the following at TRU Times Square (44th Street):

    -Anakin Outland
    -Padme Arena
    -Obi-Wan Coruscant
    -Kit Fisto
    -Super Battle Droid
    -Battle Droid
    -Jango Kamino Escape
    -Geonosian Warrior
    -Dexter Jettster
    -Royal Guard
    -Saesee Tiin
    -Jar Jar Senator
    -Taun We

    That accounts for 16 of the 27 figures in the collection. I proceeded at about 1:30 AM down to Union Square TRU at 14th street and was astounded to find:

    -Boba Fett Kamino Escape
    -Tusken Raider Female
    -Captain Typho
    -Shaak Ti
    -Plo Koon
    -Clone Trooper (red)
    -Zam Wesell
    -Anakin (Hangar Duel)

    This accounted for 9 more in the collection that totally escaped the TRU Times Square store. I still missed two, Luminara and Count Dooku. They had Luminara at TRU Times Square but quickly sold out. Dooku didn't show up anywhere at all.


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    I saw everything excpet the following in various TRU stores over the past week:
    Royal Guard
    Shaak Ti

    I then saw Shaak Ti at a comic book shop. So that just leaves those 3. I read that they won't be hitting UK shelves for a few weeks yet.
    What I'm really anticipating now though is the bespin luke an vader.
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    I found all 27 in one stop.Wal-mart

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    I found pretty much all of them over the 4 days following Midnight Madness. Only ones I didn't see were Dooku and Royal Guard (although my friend found and got a Royal Guard, he just didn't pick one up for me ). I didn't get all 27 yet. Thats later when my paycheck can afford it. So I managed to get all the hard ones (cept the 2 mentioned above).

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    I had a good night i found figurrs 1-24 and most background variations all but 4 at my first 12:00 stop at wal-mart and i got to see # 25 &26 someone had them first but i did see them there thin wint home and wint to this web site and found out that # 27 was out to and from my house i have 2 wal-marts 15 min. away
    and so i went to the other and found about 20 of #27 Count Dooku and thought so i didn't thank it was hard to find
    so i only pick 1 up and 2 days latter when i found out a lot of people needed it i went back and i found no #27 other people must have found them too but i did stay up to go to target were i did get #25 & 26 .so all in one day i got # 1-27 but needing 4 background figures and a few day ago i order 3 of the 4 i needed from and it was this great site that reported that had background variation so i have 42 figures and if you have #16 with backgroud i would like to buy i to finish my set

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    In ABQ, NM the Wal-Mart I was at midnight madness at had all the waves except for the Genosian Warrior/Dexter Jettster wave. The other Wal-Marts I heard were missing the Dooku/Yoda Wave instead, but by the time I got to them, the collectors had snapped up all the Genosians, and Dexters.
    Also our one and only Toys R Us did not open at midnight, and I was there bright and early at 9:30am when they did open, and much to my dissappointment, they didn't have either wave. So much for me trying to complete my set locally. I'll be scouring my Wal-Mart for the next few weeks, till they get those 2 in though.

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    In Australia we also got the Vader, Luke, Mace and Jango (final battle) wave.
    Ive seen them in three different Toys R Us.
    So i ended up getting 25/31.
    Still havent found royal gaurd, taun we and luminara as well as Nikto, Dexter and Geonosian Warrior.

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    At MM, I found both collections waves 1 and 2. During that day, I was able to find Yoda. I wasn't able to find anything else until Friday night when I found all of collection 2 wave 3. I haven't found Anakin HD or Count Dooku.


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