Hi all,
Did anyone else get the Mail On Sunday today? It come with a CD-ROM and magazine about AOTC. I haven't looked at the magazine yet, but it looks pretty good. Nothing spectacular though.

As for the CD, here are my thoughts:
There are two documentaries. One is just a montage of on-set video clips - people swinging plastic lightsabers and jumping of big blue things and landing on bigger blue things. Its pretty crap. Oh, but there are a few seconds where Jango Fett is dancing with an umbrella. hee hee
The other documentary (and I use the term loosely) is another montage of stuff, but with the occassion comment from or about the actor who plays anakin. Pretty crap again.

Also included on the CD are the following:
Soundtrack Preview:
Track 1 - a daft slap-together of several SW tunes. 2 minutes.
Track 2 - an unused tune. pretty damn boring.
Track 3 - the star wars theme.

Picture Gallery:
20ish pictures. Some are behind-the-scenes, some are just shots of faces and things. Nothing remotely captivating. But it was funny seeing Jango Fett standing on a step-ladder. Surely he'd use his jetpack.

Wallpaper & Screensaver
Wallpaper: if you want, you can use the images from the picture gallery as wallpaper. I don't think many people will want to.
Screen saver: if you want, you can have a slide-show of the images from the pciture gallery (that's what i assume anyway, i didn't install it)

Overall: For £1.10 i would rather have had a 6th of a star wars figure than this piece of crap CD. But on the other hand I'm glad I bought it because its star wars-y. The magazine doesn't look bad, there's a nice big picture of a few dozen clone troopers going to collect their helmets. Something more fearsome would have been nice, but i'm glad I know they have to actually put their helmets on themselves. I assumed a machine would do it.

Did anyone else get their hands on this?