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    UK- Mail On Sunday CD

    Hi all,
    Did anyone else get the Mail On Sunday today? It come with a CD-ROM and magazine about AOTC. I haven't looked at the magazine yet, but it looks pretty good. Nothing spectacular though.

    As for the CD, here are my thoughts:
    There are two documentaries. One is just a montage of on-set video clips - people swinging plastic lightsabers and jumping of big blue things and landing on bigger blue things. Its pretty crap. Oh, but there are a few seconds where Jango Fett is dancing with an umbrella. hee hee
    The other documentary (and I use the term loosely) is another montage of stuff, but with the occassion comment from or about the actor who plays anakin. Pretty crap again.

    Also included on the CD are the following:
    Soundtrack Preview:
    Track 1 - a daft slap-together of several SW tunes. 2 minutes.
    Track 2 - an unused tune. pretty damn boring.
    Track 3 - the star wars theme.

    Picture Gallery:
    20ish pictures. Some are behind-the-scenes, some are just shots of faces and things. Nothing remotely captivating. But it was funny seeing Jango Fett standing on a step-ladder. Surely he'd use his jetpack.

    Wallpaper & Screensaver
    Wallpaper: if you want, you can use the images from the picture gallery as wallpaper. I don't think many people will want to.
    Screen saver: if you want, you can have a slide-show of the images from the pciture gallery (that's what i assume anyway, i didn't install it)

    Overall: For £1.10 i would rather have had a 6th of a star wars figure than this piece of crap CD. But on the other hand I'm glad I bought it because its star wars-y. The magazine doesn't look bad, there's a nice big picture of a few dozen clone troopers going to collect their helmets. Something more fearsome would have been nice, but i'm glad I know they have to actually put their helmets on themselves. I assumed a machine would do it.

    Did anyone else get their hands on this?
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    That CD was a total load of İr@p. There was nothing on it that hadn't been seen before, well by me anyway. The pictures had been in the UK Fan Club Mag a few months ago, the documentary was parts of others put together.

    I wasted £1.10 on this. The mag itself was good, plenty to read.

    I wish I had got mine from WHSmith, the Mail on Sunday was only 50p there. Could have bought that extra chocky bar.
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    There's a fan club in the UK? Does that have the same offers etc that the US one has?
    Please tell me more
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    Hi there Kadamontaga

    The UK has had an official Fan Club for about 2 years now.
    Its run by the Titan Publishing Group, and costs £19.99 per year.

    Every quarter you get a 'Jedi Journal' magazine which includes news of upcoming conventions, interviews with SW stars, Q&A section, Trades & Swaps etc etc.

    Also you recieve a small booklet of exclusive Fan Club merchandise. e.g. posters, prints, postcards, T-shirts and a few figures (bit pricey though)

    Unfortunately it is not like the US Fan Club for goodies. I have just got hold of the SW Insider 25th Edition, and the stuff in there is miles better than the UK stuff. Also the US has its own website, the UK hasn't.

    If you are interested in the UK Fan Club contact;

    The Official UK Star Wars Fan Club
    Unit 6
    Pipewell Road Industrial Estate,
    NN14 2SW

    Tel : 01536 764 646
    e-mail :

    Payment can be made by credit/debit card or cheque.

    1 year - £19.99 / £24.99 Eire

    Hope this has been of help.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    Thanks a lot for the info jedi_uk73. Much appreciated
    I think i'll leave it for now though, maybe if i hear some good things from a few people I'll think about joining. Oooh er, that wasn't very gramaticial.
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    I picked the Mail on Sunday also, and you're right, its not very good. What shocked me most of all was during the first clip you see the Jedi extras warming up with their lightsabres and one of them is the guy who plays Toadfish in Neighbours! (confirmed by my soap-loving girlfriend) I had to laugh but fair play to him, we'd all like to have been in his shoes
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    I couldn't find a copy myself.
    They were all sold out.
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    It crashed my PC. The CD grabs hold of you settings and tweaks them for it's own playback then when it's done and finished you exit the CD and the settings are all screwy and the monitor resolution is shot to hell. I just nicked the movies off the CD and grabbed the pictures. The music wouldn't play on my PC but plays fine on my stereo. The first piece was pretty uninspiring, desert winds from TPM has always been a favorite of mine from the ultimate edition CD so it was nice to have it blast out again as i don't listen to the scores that often. The theme I always hated and it's not even the whole thing just an edit.

    The magazine is s.h.i.t.e! Full of inconsistencies and innacuracies. That reporter who went to the ranch and waffled on about Han being put into the carbon bath as the last shot of the empire strikes back had me gritting my teeth in frustration. Everything was lifted from books by random house or dorling kindersley basically. What a swizz. I frickin' hate the mail on Sunday anyway. I'd love to shove their damn partworks where the sun don't shine and push Nigel Dempster into a food blender. Horrid tory rag!

    There's an 'Official Collector's Souvenir Edition' magazine containing 400 movie stills and behind the scenes shots coming out in a couple of weeks and it's a UK only deal. Keep an eye open at Smiths or your local newsagents if they're any good. It costs £4.99 and looks to be similar to the TPM one only bigger/fatter. KEWL!


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