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    Which SAGA fig have you open up already?

    I managed to obtain a 2nd Jango Fett Kamino Escape today and decided to open him up. And by that, is my first opened SAGA carded fig
    A very cool looking figure and after putting on the helmet, he looks more cool. A great opener IMO. Would love to get my hands on a Clonetrooper now.
    Which is your first?

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    All of them, to the very last. I do not see the fun in paying $6-$7 for an action figure just so that you can keep it carded and stash it away in a closet or a bin. I like my figures to be free from their cardboard and plastic prisons so I can admire and enjoy them.
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    i have opened clone trooper red, jango and boba fett, plo koon, yoda, obi-wan, hangar duel anakin, dooku, r2d2, zam wessell and luminara(the best one of all).

    i bought all the figures. i got doubles of the ones i opened.
    you're all clear kid!!!

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    I opened:

    Basic 3 3/4:

    Royal Guard (Favorite EPII figure so far)
    Jango Fett Kamino Escape
    Clone Trooper (Red)
    Tusken (Mother and Child)
    Zam Wesell
    Padme' Amidala
    Nikto (Jedi Master)


    Jango Fett
    I also bought Slave 1, but it is on layaway right now. I can't wait to open that sucker!

    hehehe, I also opened TIE Bomber, AT-ST, and Snowspeeder!
    May the force be with you.

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    i have deluxe jango, deluxe mace, jango (preview), HD ani, and clonetrooper (preview) opened. the best one so far is a tie bettween Deluxe jango and HD anikan...2 very cool figures...but i'm aiming to get all the jedi/sith that come out out of the pack so i can setup a grand battle...w/ a few super battle droids/ regular battle droids/ (red) clonetroopers for the circle effect...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I've opened

    Plo Koon
    Kit Fisto

    I am about to open a Dooku and a Luminari

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    I've opened:

    Plo Koon
    Super Battle Droid
    Battle Droid
    Royal Guard
    Hanger Duel Anakin
    Bounty Hunter Zam.
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    Hangar Duel Ani. What a piece of crap, after I opened him I decided not to open any more up. Are all the Saga figs this cheap? He looks alot better on the card than opened.

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    Luminara Unduli
    Shaak Ti
    Kit Fisto
    Anakin Hangar Duel

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    I opened up all the figures that looked really neat:

    Luminara Unduli
    Royal Guard
    Count Dooku
    Anakin Hangar Duel

    I usually think the Royal Guard is a stupid figure, but this time he's my second favorite in the line--Yoda being the first, of course. I also love R2 and Jar-Jar. I wish I left Luminara in the package. That way I wouldn't have found out that she has two points of articulation--Blech. I like the Darth Sidious Hologram more than I like Dooku. Dooku's eyes look all wrong--they make him look scared. I think Jedi Duel Anakin looks great on display, but he's HORRIBLE for play value. I can't get him to cross his lightsabers at all, and his darn arm keeps falling off...

    I think I can safely assume that Jar-Jar will NEVER be a rare collector's item, so I should be able to open him without worries...


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