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    Where is Aura Sing?

    Does Aura Sing not make an appearance in EII? What was all the hype? Will she be in EIII?
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    Let's hope she's in what comes out of the Acklay when he gets cut open.
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    Apparently she is responsible for Shmi's death and NOT the Tusken Raiders, so she must appear somewhere in Ep2 or 3.

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    I like Aurra.....too bad I couldn't ask her.....she's in Pittsburgh this weekend.....
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    Bosskman, grrrrrr!
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    Aurra will probably buy the farm in EP3, as we don't see her in the OT.

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    The one character I hate more than Boba Fett. At least Fett had more than a half second of screen time. Aurra flashes by the screen, and then all of a sudden she's all the rage. Pathetic.

    I hope she's not in any more of the films, as I thought she looked stupid. Oh well, just wishful thinking.
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    Sing has nothing to do with Shmi's death.
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    Again I say grrrrrr!

    Aurra Sing has an interesting back story.

    Her popularity is no different than that of Boba Fett, and look what is happening with THAT storyline!

    I love it, all those naysayers, who talked bad about Boba "he was a punk" "he got killed by a blind man" "we never saw him DO anything in the OT"!!!

    So what! He also happens to be a KEY character! The clone of Jango! Who served as the template for the Clone Troopers!

    Just because WE didn't SEE a character do much of anything in the movie dosen't mean that their character is lame.

    As for screen time. HA! From a collectors point of view Aurra Sing had every bit as much right to be immortalized in plastic as BoShek!!! MORE so, considering she had her own comics and was a big part of the EU around EP1! I also FIRMLY believe that if Hasbro had not made her when they did, many collectors would have been screaming for her within a few years, or at least asking for her.

    Um, so anyway, just my 2 cent.

    BTW, Michonne is a hottie! Hence my avatar!
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    Ode to aurra sing

    aurra sing, aurra sing, how I hate thee
    I hate your ugly face
    I hate your skanky jumpsuit
    I hate you more than any other
    How I long for some noxious animal to feast upon your fetid flesh while you still live,
    How I long to go at you with a chainsaw and limb you like a dead tree
    O, that that pleasure could be mine!
    How sweet it yould be
    Your stench is so foul it blocks the suns of Tatooine
    Your odor so pungent, Jabba yould vomit in disgust
    The Rancor would choke on you
    In sickliness, The Wampa would discard your meaty bones, preferring to starve rather than eat of your vomitousness
    Pasty white
    sing, you stink to High Heaven
    I cannot wait until your hidiousness is erased from all memory
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.


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