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    Recognizing Droids - Hard To Do? (EII Spoiler)

    In ANH we all know Obi-Wan says everything from a certain point of view. Not necessarilly lying and not necesarrilly telling the truth.

    In PM we all saw Obi-Wan around R2 and now some of us know he's around R2 in AOTC.
    We all figure he was probably pretending not to recognizie him in ANH until he new what was going on. We all heard him claim to have never owned a droid before. Does the Astromech in his Jedi Starfighter not count?

    We now see in AOTC that Threepio now belongs to the Lars family, and R2 shows up w/ Anikin and Padme. Uncle Owen sure didn't recognize them when he bought them from the Jawas in ANH.

    I understand there's many Protocol and Astro droids out there, and Threepio looks a lot different, but you would think Owen would remember someone like Threepio. Maybe he did. That's why he insisted Luke take them to Anchorhead and have their memory erased.

    We all figure the droids didn't recognize anybody because of memory erases.
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    When Owen owned 3PO in AOTC he didn't have his gold coverings on so probably wouldn't recognise him in ANH. Owen doesn't ask for the droids' names when he buys them so he would have nothing to remember. He only realises who they are when Luke says that R2 was searching for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and tells him to erase their memories.

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    Well so far the protocol droids seem to have unique vocals so quite possibly Owen would've recognized that but maybe he was never really around 3PO, maybe he figured he had gotten his memory wiped by then if it even was C-3PO. As for R2...well he could've just been another astromech painted the same colors.

    As for Obi-Wan, well his Jedi Starfighter droid wasn't really his droid as it was built-in into the Jedi SF and the Starfighter wasn't even a Jedi one since it was a modified Delta-7 Republic Starfighter.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Well so far the protocol droids seem to have unique vocals so quite possibly Owen would've recognized that but maybe he was never really around 3PO
    All of the OT protocol droids (minus the insect headed "Death Star" droids) that we hear talk used Anthony Daniels' voice. I really don't think that the manufacturers of protocol droids would give each one a distinct voice. Also, since we're all fairly certain that Astromech droids are churned out by the thousands (at least!) in factories in the Star Wars universe I think we can also assume that Artoo shares his deco with perhaps hundreds, maybe even thousands of his same make.

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    Pendo, I think Threepio does introduce himself to Owen, doesn't he?
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    Yeah, R2 doesn't have unique colouration. Many of the astro droids have blue markings in the OT, even R5-D4 had blue on him. You'd only know a droid if you knew the number code or were really aquainted with it and knew all the personality quirks that an owner of a droid might notice. Kinda like how you know all your PC's quirks better than anyone.

    Threepio wouldn't be recognised after twenty odd years when they probably go through droids like toilet paper in that hostile environment and use them only as tools not as companions like Luke does. But even Luke doesn't seem too fond of Threepio the way he's fond of Artoo. Luke and Artoo seen to have a really good bond but Threepio seems kinda marginalised. Sort of like he's just there to translate for Artoo, like he's Artoo's b*tch or somethin'.

    Owen probably couldn't give a rats patooey for droids, more trouble than they're worth.

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    From what I've read in the novel, Cliegg Lars isn't too fond of 3PO anyway. Maybe Owen shares the same idea that droids are here for one reason and one reason go disco dancing
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    RooJay-- C-3P0 and TC-14's voice are very distinctively different. Same with the "ejunta" (sp? ) droid in ESB (is that the same droid they released in the POTJ line? I want it!)

    In the EU, all of the protocol droids I can think of (M-3P0, or Emtrey, from the X-Wing series, in particular) have what we would call a British proper accent. How it sounds is up to your imagination, I guess, but that's a different story.

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    Originally posted by Dak Powers
    RooJay-- C-3P0 and TC-14's voice are very distinctively different.
    Uhh...I did say the OT (original trilogy) protocol droids!
    Same with the "ejunta" (sp? ) droid in ESB (is that the same droid they released in the POTJ line? I want it!)
    ...and YES, even though he spoke in another language, that droid's voice WAS Anthony Daniels also.

    Besides, how often have you known manufacturers to give each individual car horn, or smoke detector of the same model a distinct sound? Droids are tools in the Star Wars universe much like cars and other objects are in the real one. It just doesn't make good business sense to bother with something like that (even in the Star Wars universe!). Although, I think it is within reason to assume that a droid's owners might make specific requests for their droids to sound a certain way, or might even reprogram it's voice themselves (which would explain TC-14). Perhaps even, the manufacturers may produce droids with a SMALL range of different voices, but that still wouldn't mean 3PO's voice is very distinct from others of his make, model, and color.
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    TC-14 was a female droid. The Neimoidians must have selected or opted for the softer sounding voice. It was voiced by Lindsey Duncan a fine british actres and foxy to boot But I can see the droids having a few voices that you can interchange much like PC's using Windows have the option to change the sounds used by the system. Like someone said though, would you recognise a power tool you own now in twenty years time? You might recognise that you used to own a similar power tool of the same model but I doubt you could actually verify that the particular power tool was the one you actually did own. Besides which, Owen is a grumpy old get in the OT. He possibly still grieves for his dead father and stepMother so doesn't pay any particular attention to the everyday happenings or items. He doesn't even seem to pay much attention to Beru and treats Luke like a farmhand. I wouldn't exactly call Owen the observant type. It's more likely that Beru would recognise Threepio though. Women's intuition and all that gubbins....


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