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    Question Hey, are there gonna be any cool new droids in AOTC that could be made into figures?

    The Red Astromech Droid and Black Astromech Droid from Episode 1 are two of my very favorite Star Wars figures ever... does anyone know if there's going to be any neat droids to debut in AOTC? I'm all about cool new droid figures...

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    A Jedi Analysis Droid 2-pack would be cool.
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    Most of the Separatist tanks (Spider, Hailfire, Corporate) are droids themselves, so there is definately a possibility there. Then we have the PK-4 Jedi analysis droid, IM-6 medic droid, RIC-920 rickshaw droid, and maybe a cook droid/waitress droid 2-pack.
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    I'd be happy with an astromech 3-pack. With the bigger bubbles it'd be entirely possible! Especialy since the bodies wouldn't be new sculpts, only the paint unless they put R5-D4 in there which would mean that there would need to be new and a new head sculpt but oh well.
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    Actually, though, R2-Q5 is from Return of the Jedi. Not Episode I. But more Astrodroid variations would definitely be cool.

    And --- of course --- R5-D4 is a definite must-be-made figure.

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    There are plenty of Droids in E2. I love droids. Can't wait for twenty new droid toys.
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