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    Pointless Thread about Mace Windu

    On the back of his Geonosian Rescue figure, it describes him as "calm and collected"... Does that explain the "Dammit, I warned you" face on his figure? Also, he "strongly fears about the" blah blah blah about Count Dooku and what not... Doesn't fear lead to the Dark Side?

    Yes, pointless, but something to wonder.

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    I haven't seen a thread this pointless in some time...

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    It may seem confusing, until you go to the writing department of Hasbro. There, you will find monkeys. Lots and lots of monkeys. Or are they humans, forced to look like monkeys? Or maybe they're humans who think they are monkeys who think they are humans.

    But I guess it doesn't matter what they are, because their writing sucks.
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    it has a point.....i think.... but fear does lead to the dark side...according to yoda..but he's whatever he is too...(?)
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Sam Jackson said in an interview recently that Mace was a bad jedi who didn't play by the rules and would stab an opponent in the back rather than wait for them to turn round.... doesn't that sound like aggresion? And isn't that well on the path to the dark side? Is mace the secret Sith among the Jedi? There was a rumour a while back about someone on the council betraying the Jedi, could it be back on mace's head............?

    OOOOOOOH spooky!

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    Yeah! That's logical. I mean, what's so big with Mace Windu that they would put a sneak preview figure out of him for? He was barely in Episode I! That's a very logical explanation. Brings about new possibilities, whether it happens or not.

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    Well...I think he does one pretty major thing in Episode II, anyway:

    Spoilers below:

    ...I think he's the one who separates Jango's head from the rest of his body. I could be wrong.

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    Oh yeah, and as for his face, I dunno...I really don't want the deluxe figure, but I might get it sometime just for the comedic value.

    "Look everyone, it's Mace 'Boy this stone I'm passing really smarts' Windu"

    Edit: Why the hell did I say the "deluxe figure"? It's the Geo. Rescue fig with the anguished face, as the first post of this thread even clearly states. Jeez, I must be getting old.
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    Yeah... the deluxe face is a riot! The "rescue" version looks like some freak in pyjamas at a Karaoke bar...

    By the by... pointless is always welcome here!
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    I think the reason Mace Windu was the preview figure of EI was because Sam Jackson in Jedi Robes wouldn't spoil anything.

    Just like Jango Fett. He looks like Boba Fett.

    I did wonder why Zam Wessel was a preview figure. I guess because she has sutch a small role.

    I still don't know anything about the R2 unit that was a preview figure. Anybody?
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