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    Smile Anakin Hanger Duel and Count Dooku Review *SPOILERS*

    Well, in case many of you haven't picked these guys up, either due to scalperitis, or lack of funding, here is a little review of 2 combatants from the end of the film...

    Anakin Hanger Duel-

    This figure has a cool facial expression, but kinda crappy "features" The little crank on his back makes his left hand twirl, not very nicely either. it kinda looks, stupid in any position its in... His right arm has the spoiler feature which is, a removible arm from the elbow down. that particular arm has "force action", and his green saber. His left holds his blue one. Not much else on him, its a cool LOOKING, not so cool in action. over all---B+

    Count Dooku-

    This figure has a very interesting pose, and a kicking saber, he also has Anakins green saber which i assume he takes after he cuts anis arm off. He also comes with a mini holo Sideous. His action feature is Squeeze my legs and i swing my saber! thats it! Over all--- B-

    please note these are spoilers, and if you read them, and didn't want to know, that is not my problem. I warned you in advance
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    is Dooku's saber handel metle
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    Despite his action feature, can Dooku's arm still be positioned any way we like?
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    mylow thehutt-No Count Dookus Saber Handle is not metallic, however he comes with Anis Green Saber which is metallic

    kadamontaga-No, Count Dookus Right Arm cannot be moved from its positionj, unless the legs are squeezed, when you release them, it goes right back to the original position
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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