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    Toy Commercial for AOTC

    I was watching TV this evening, and a commercial came on for the AOTC toys.

    It reminded me a lot of the old Kenner Star Wars commercials. It showed some footage of the movie. It highlighted:
    Slave I/Jedi Starfighter
    Deluxe figures (Jango, Mace, Tyranus, and Kenobi)
    and Anakin with 2 sabres.
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    Wow... I didn't even know there was one out. This may actually help the sales of the toys. I can't recall seeing ANY commercials for the EPISODE I toys.
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    There was one, but it was crap, it showed all the figures just standing next to eachother on their commtechs as the camera zoomed and a hand grabs obi wan and passes him onto a commtech reader, and said now with real sounds and dialogue from the movie.
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    Oh... see- NOW we know what went wrong there!
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    Yeah, especially if they used the gargled drunk voice used to quote lines from the commtech. Must've got Uncle Tom to do Padme's dialogue. I swear my Commtech reader is posessed by Satan.
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