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    Question Shipping Question (Week 2)

    For those of you in the biz (TRU, WM, etc.), will there be another shipment of AOTC figs this week, or did everyone get pretty much all they're going to get for a little bit last week?

    I'm still short a Dooku and was wondering if it would be worth my time to hit some stores again on Tuesday.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    i too am wondering this ... it would seem with some stores having literally hundreds of figures they wouldn't be getting more for a few months.
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    Yeah, I'd like to know too, plus what some of the more experienced collectors think. Is it worth the time to hit stores again this week?

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    From my readings, it seems as if many stores might have some inventory (esp. Wal Mart) in the back to put out and/or are getting some of the shipment meant for April 23rd. This should be more of collection 2 (although Dooku is in 1).

    I've also heard (from someone who spoke to a hasbro rep who posted on one of these boards) that April 23rd was the day for shipment, and the next wave will be on May 16th. Anyone else with concrete knowledge?

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    I'm sure this is due to the stockpile in the back of the store but the walmarts by me have restocked figs, including the taun we and Dooku wave.
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    The assistant manager at TRU here was putting out figures last night and say me going through them, asked me which I was looking for. (Yoda, Dooku, etc...) He said he knew he didn't have those in now, but was expecting 2 shipments to arrive this week that would have those figures.

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    In the Wal-Mart that I work at, we put our whole inventory of Star Wars figures out on Monday night. Since our flyer came out, they are really pushing the overstock out of the warehouse. I was like alot of you and couldn't find everything at MM, but over the weekend I was able to find the Taun-We and Dooku waves. So the harder to find figures are making their way out.

    As for the next waves, I have no idea when they will be out since I don't know what our computers on-hands are set at but if the figures keep selling at this rate, I figure my Wal-Mart will have to re-stock soon.

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    Nooooo. Don't go out and look for new figs. Let the rest of us get to them. Or maybe you want the scalpers to have them! Of course go out. That's one of the best parts about being a collector. "THE HUNT"

    I'm going tonight. If I don't find anything new then at least I know for sure that there isn't anything in my area instead of wondering about it. I can't tell you guys how many times I ALMOST stayed home thinking I wouldn't find anything and to my great suprise I did find something. This was the case for TC-14, 12in bounty hunters, Sio Bibble, At-St, among others. Yea, many things became abundant and easy to find later but the thrill of getting it very early on, during its initial release is part of the fun of it.

    Besides, you never know when your going to meet other collectors out there and make new friends. (or in my case on Monday) I ran into some guy who was obviously a scalper. He asked me what figures were hot and what wasn't. (he let the cat out of the bag saying he collected hot wheels to sell at flea markets) Of course I told him what was hot........Ani-outland, Obi-Coruscant, Capt Typho, Jango Kamino and such. Yeah I know these are pegwarmers but I was hoping to throw him off the scent. I also said that people weren't as excited about these figs and wouldn't be looking very hard for them. Consequently are getting hip to the notion that they can just what a couple weeks and by them at store costs rather than buy them from a flea market or convention for 2-3 times the price. He immediately left without saying another word or getting any figures.
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    The reason I was interested in this thread is because I've been to the same group of stores (6 in all, 3 different chains) nearly every day since the 24th. As far as I can tell, know how many times total they've restocked since the 24th? ONCE, and that was on Friday the 26th. That particular store has not restocked since (despite there being many empty pegs on both sides of the aisle). So it's getting annoying stopping by all the time only to see the same old crap sitting out. That's why I was curious about stocking schedules etc. Yeah, if you check every single day then you know for sure you probably didn't miss anything...but it's getting a little tiresome. Especially when I hear about people finding 20 Dookus or something and all I've got is Captain Typho and OPD Anakin flooding the aisle.

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    Oh yeah, and I know there are far more than 6 stores in the city I could be checking, but there's a limit to how much gas and time I will spend....


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