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    Great use of those accesories

    They look great! I put that "SITH" cloak on Tatooine attack Ani. Almost movie accurate.

    ...I can't help but wonder why Dooku and ObiWan look like they are tap dancing though? Hmmm...

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    Any suggestions on how to remove the magets from their feet??
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    Too bad you couldn't paint a better excuse for a thumb on that Kenobi pilot figure. Man, that's a joke.

    Good work!


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    Originally posted by icatch9
    Hear are some more close ups.

    He's takeing a load of in Chancelor Palpatines chair

    Dam nice paint job icatch9, one of my favorites so far, keep up the good work. I can't wait to get my new Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike and do that to him.

    Again nicely done

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    Lightbulb Generic Arena Jedi

    You've seen them before in the background from the Jedi Arena Rescue diorama. Now you can see them in full view as my entries to the Arena Battle Jedi Cinema Scene!
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    Originally posted by gibbspaulus
    Any suggestions on how to remove the magets from their feet??
    Try a razor blade to cut the glue and excess plastic off the area surrounding the magnet. You SHOULD be able to bend the foot and remove the magnet with a good pair of tweezers or needlenose pliers.
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    Justy a repaint but i wanted to do the other clonetrooper colors and based these on the pics at the official site. This scan has bleached a wee bit of color away and made the blue more blue and less greeny/blue than it actally is, if you follow me. It's just the regular saga carded red clonetrooper.
    I used enamel paints on mine and it worked fine apart from needing to paint the white one about six times to cover up that dreadful pinky red hasbro used.
    As far as I can tell the green and blue ones are exactly movie accurate colors. The red may be slightly too dark and the yellow is a little too orangey, I mixed the paint under electric light and it looked fine then daylight showed it as being not yellow enough. Enough blather though here's the pic.

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    Clone troopers baby!!

    Hi all i dont know if there is already a forum for this but I wanna see some clone trooper action in here....... i just got my set off bootleg clones today and i thought id try customising some of them(never customised anything before) so heres some pics............let me know what you guys and gals think and lets see some of your clone armies and customised clones in here!!!!!!!!!!

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    more pics

    click on the links for more pics
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    one more pic

    one more for like your honest opinions these are my first trys at customising let me know what you think!!!
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