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    I've never even heard of these bootlegs, but they look wonderful! Great job!!!!!!!!!
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    I think the bootlegs originate from hong kong you get a set of 10 in the pack 5 marching and 5 5 in the attack pose, i live in the uk and got mine through a local ebay dealer

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    Nice job! Even though the boots don't look like the standard clonies, they still look great!
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    i think they look more like theactual clonetroopers on the saga fig box(picture) than the hasbro ones

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    thanks but i still think the look better im gonna put up som comparison pics later anyways wheres everyone elses clone armies cmon i m sure loads of you guys have got tons of troopers

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    Actually I do like the bootlegs that are standing in attention!! I for one do not think that they are ugly! But I must say that the originals are better looking.

    But the other one with the action pose. Well basically too many of them is a real over kill!!
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    New Ep. 2 Custom

    Man, this thread has been cold for a while.

    Here's my latest. It was inspired by Hank 5's website.

    It's a new and improved Obi-Wan. I used the body of a Pilot Obi (1 less clogging the pegs), the head from Coruscant Obi w/ a brown was on the hair, the hilt from Count Dooku minus the green blade & Obi's blue blade. Enjoy!

    New Kenobi
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    Nice Job EJ

    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Justy a repaint but i wanted to do the other clonetrooper colors and based these on the pics at the official site. This scan has bleached a wee bit of color away and made the blue more blue and less greeny/blue than it actally is, if you follow me. It's just the regular saga carded red clonetrooper.
    I used enamel paints on mine and it worked fine apart from needing to paint the white one about six times to cover up that dreadful pinky red hasbro used.
    As far as I can tell the green and blue ones are exactly movie accurate colors. The red may be slightly too dark and the yellow is a little too orangey, I mixed the paint under electric light and it looked fine then daylight showed it as being not yellow enough. Enough blather though here's the pic.
    Nicely done EJ, now you don't have to buy anymore Cloners with rank cause you have them all.

    Good Job

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    heres another clone im working was a standing to attention bootleg i just cut it up into bits and put it togethe the way i wanted let me know what you think its not finished yet though!!!!


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