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    If you want to make a true custom, use the Porkins body.

    No seriously, that sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, getting an extra Kyle can tend to be expensive.
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    but not as expensive as the true sacul!
    actually a pretty good idea

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    I've always thought the Katarn figure looked more like Steve Sansweet. Then you should use the Porkins body!

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    Custom Jango vs Mace

    Okay Im not sure if Im allowed to put eBay auctions on here but I wanted everyone to see this. This is a pretty cool custom (not mine) but the price is CRAZY!

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    Well, they are customs and nice ones at that. No way in heck I would pay that much for them.
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    I'll hopefully be posting my custom Jedi Rescue figures withint the next couple days. It may take a bit longer because I'm very picky about my customs looking right to me and if I can't make them look decent I just stop and forget about them.

    But I've been planing my custom Jedis since I first heard about the Arena scene, and I think the ones I've got now are coming along pretty well. The hardest part is the females because I prefer to use actual Hasbro parts most of the time and there just aren't enough females to go around. I don't want eight "Padme" Jedi with different colored hair.
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    I can't wait to see them! There aren't enough female Jedi out.

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    You know the last parking spot furthest from here? Well I'm one spot beyond that!

    FOUND: Yellow Clone Trooper Commander

    OK I lured you in...I took advantage of the 3.00 off 4.99 x 3 offer at KB Toyworks and bought 4 troopers for my army...decided to customise the red to yellow...

    Hey the paint job is just as good as hasbro's last minute dojobby...

    Let me know what you think!

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    I know it's no good complaining but it still ****es me off everytime you talk about getting cool figures cheap which we even don't ave here in france, no offense to anyone I know it's nobody's fault

    getting to the topic, the trooper really looks cool, good paintjob

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    nice work.
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