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    My Jorg Sacul Customs!

    Here are a few customs I made using some great Sacul head casts made by Bantha5 over at rebelscum!

    Jorg Sacul : Mandalorian Commando
    Jorg Sacul : Jedi Knight

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    Very nice. I liked the jedi custom and the Mandalorain was good to. I would love to get a mold of the head to make some myself.
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    Exclamation my custom TA anikan carded.

    i have a new version of my custom TA anikan. i have changed his black cloak to an extra obi-wan JSP's cloak and used that on him. he looks even better with that on! for the pack, i used HD ani's and made a anikan picture from the actuall card and put it on the inside of the card. the LS i used is the original one from the HD ani. i might have pictures soon!!!
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    I would like to thank Stillakid for the idea on the custom ERS. I bought one of those army guys from TRU and swapped heads and belts, packs, etc. It turned out great!!! I may do a couple more like that with different army guys.
    Thanks to the too numerous to list traders here who have made my collection a bit more complete!!

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    Is Anikan a new character or something?

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    the tatooine attack anakin is.
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    Ohhh you meant Anakin.

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    I was inspired by Indiana's great idea to customize an AOTC Obi-Wan by slapping a Coruscant Chase head on a TPM Naboo body, and went a step further by painting his hair a more appropriate reddish-brown and inserting the magnet from a JSF Kenobi into the Naboo Kenobi's belt hole, thereby letting the metal lightsaber hilt dangle from his belt more realistically than the plastic one would.

    Now my question - I'm tempted to "improvise" an elbow cut on the Naboo Kenobi's right arm to remedy the terribly static pose of it that kind of interferes with the belt/hilt action. Has anyone ever tried this? My plan is to make a horizontal cut with a hobby knife, then also improvising a sort of peg for the joint to pivot on with a bit of paper clip or something like that. It wouldn't be sturdy, but that's okay; I don't play with him So what do you guys think about that idea?
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    My Cloaked Anakin Figure

    I hope the pic does this figure justice it took me awhile to get this figure to look decent.
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    not bad! looks pretty good!
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