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    Nice work DA! What kind of paint did you use and did you use a primer?
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    That is a REALLY good job?? You should make all the colored Clone Troopers.

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    Good job on the paint. I plan on trying to do some in blue and green when I get some more troopers.
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    Sorry I meant to put exclamation points after the word job.

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    You know the last parking spot furthest from here? Well I'm one spot beyond that!

    CUSTOM: Lama Su

    Taking advantage of KB's 3.00 off coupon, I decided to pick up more Clone Troopers and a Taun We to customize...

    Finding a picture of Lama Su was least one that could show his upper body...but I found one and I started to give Taun We a make is how I did it....

    Create a Fin out of thin plastic for the head. Use and Exacto knife to create a slot in the head for your fin peice to fit into...cut off the braid on Taun Wee and trim it down so not to see it. I actually cut up a 1.44 floppy disk to use...worked well

    Use Glossy Dolphin Grey to paint over the blue neck and repaint the entire head to match...don't paint over the eyes.

    I used a small flexible sheet of foam to create the collar and hot glued it to the figure...paint the inside of the collar olive green.

    Repaint all blue parts to Olive Green and the tummy of the figure also.

    Apply light grey trim to the skirt at the front and back but ignore the sides...

    Paint the Belt Olive green and apply dark grey to the highlights...then fashion a small oval, paint with red and yellow as the belt buckle and glue to the may want to trim the existing buckle down...or over paint the existing buckle as Lama Su's buckle is larger than Taun We's

    I also recommend trimming the skirt so that the figure can actually stand since the legs are shorter than the skirt...

    I will attach a picture later but this figure will get you by until Hasbro releases the official product!
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    Great Job!

    Hey, I can't wait to see this figure. I love those darn Kaminoans and I eagerly anticipate any customs or future figures. I think I may take your advice and make one of these for myself.

    No has anyone thought of making Ko Sai, from the Ep.2 Visual Dictionary?
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    Why didn't you try cutting a fin off of a Clone Trooper and just paint that trooper blue since a blue one was seen with a non-fin helmet.
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    wow that Lama Su custom looks amazing
    great job

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    Generic Jedi

    I haven't given him a name yet. I guess he's like a red shirt from Star Trek... you know he's going to die. I used Kit Fisto's body and the head from a POTJ Bespin Guard. Enjoy!
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    Jedi makeover

    Here's a simple makeover to increase the number of your jedi in the Arena battle. Cut two strips of thin leather (bought from arts and crafts stores) into 1/2" wide x 4" length. Strap one piece on each shoulder and then use the transparent rubber bands from the AOTC figs as belt. Voila! You got yourself another Jedi!

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