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    I upgraded EV-9D9. I put some paint on the control panel and gave her articulated elbows. I'm working on turning Jango Fett KE into Boba Fett ROTJ.

    I also put wrist articulation on a couple figures, like Weequay.

    I posted the pictures of Weequay and EV-9D9 in the ROTJ customs thread.
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    hey mataljedi, that cloakes anakin looks reallllly cool !
    oh and I really like the new paintjob on obi-wans head, jedipartnr
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    My First Custom

    What do you think guys?
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    Cool, It looks GREAT!!!Keep up the Good Work!!!!
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    Thumbs up

    That is Pretty Awsome! I hope my first ones turn out as good...keep up the good work!
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    those look really good...but waht body did you use for maul? it looks kinda like the body of one of those large size carnage figures from the spider-man cartoon series line...

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    Thumbs up

    I think its a great job but maybe you could fill us in on what you used to make them...

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    Those customs look great jediwolf. Keep em coming!
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    man those figs look really great jediwolf!
    I hope seeing more of your work in the future
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    Post Geonosian Battle Clone Trooper

    Hey, this is a custome I did. I invisioned this clone after the battle on Geonosia. His helmet is off and he's sitting on a Republic Crusier, flying back to base. He's got some of his blood on his armor and some blood that's not his. Some severe scratches on and above his eye, and a little blood comeing out of one of his ears. This guy's been through Hell, but he's alive and ready to fight then next battle.

    I took a Prview Clone and customed him into this guy. He really does sit (infact he can't stand anymore). His helmet is off, but it won't go back on (that was a design flaw on my part ). I made his armor a lot more dirty and blast damaged than the orginal clone. I added blood, dirt and scratches to his face (wich by the way is not a Jango head).

    One of my finest customes to date. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks for looking.

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