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    looks great spacelord
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    Re: Anakin as Sith

    Originally posted by spacelord
    I made this figure a while ago, thinking Anakin would be older than 22 in EPIII. He is made from a Jurasic Park head, Darth Maul speeder body, and Vader flashback arms and cape.
    Very nicely done SpaceLord. Good work.

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    Good job brandon & spacelord.

    I have a couple more EU characters in the works. Just too much other stuff to do.
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    Lightbulb my sith luke.

    i have obi-wan's (AOTC) lightsaber hilt with vader's (SAGA) red blade. and i have dooku's cape spray-painted (i will give it a final white paint coat soon.) this would be luke if he had gone to the dark side before he got his hand cut off.....if i can, i'll get a pic soon....
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    my sith luke!

    here is the pic! enjoy!
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    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Sorry QLD but i just had to do this...

    THIS IS MY VERY FIRST CUSTOM EVER!!!!! I'm not done yet of course, i'm painting the gloves and boots black. Sorry i had to do this to a Zuckuss quite long dong..... however.. everyone meet Ooryl Qyrgg!!!
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    Oh my Dewback! You killed Zuckuss!

    Nice custom, but there's an EU Custom thread in the EU custom section, so this thread will probably be moved there.
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    it kills me that i have never even seen a zuckuss and others are chopping them up to make silly customs...

    no offence.
    nice custom btw...
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Don't feel back, the diorama builders with multiple R2 Holos make me feel the same way! I will admit I saw plenty of Zuckuss up here (the advantage of living in Maine is less competition for figures).

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    My Sith Anakin

    Some of you may have seen this already, but here is my Sith Apprentice Anakin custom. He is standing with some Geonosians. It's my first custom, so if it sucks...oh well.
    Also, I didnt cut or paint this figure at all because its my only HD Anakin. The only one I've ever seen, actually.
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