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    If anyone cares I am working on some new customs:

    Kapp Dendo
    Gavin Darklighter
    Riv Shiel
    Newara Ven

    They should be done soon hopefully and i plan on putting up some pictures.
    Yub Yub, Commander

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    Thumbs up 2 new SW customs. Arconian Jedi and New Alien

    Below are 2 new Star Wars customs i have done. An Arconian Jedi and another Alien i made up my self from spare parts (His head is Taun We's legs ) named an Octovec.

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    Octovec is cool.
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    My SOTE Luke Skywalker

    Here it goes my first custom in years. It's basically just a simple repaint but I threw in the saber from the EP1 Maul/ObiWan 2-pack. Hope you guys enjoy.
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    looks pretty cool metaljedi
    good work
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    I like it.
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    I made a custim Darth Rage, its pretty sweet

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    have you maybe got some pics Goebel The Hutt?
    I've never heard of Darth Rage, is he EU or fanfiction?
    Until The End Of Time...
    - Tupac Shakur, RIP


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