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    No problem!
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    custom droids, lets see them!

    Here's a few I did:

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    Jaina Solo in Jedi jump suit

    Figures needed:

    1 Padme arena escape
    2 Baspin Luke


    and super glue

    Pop head of Luke

    Put Padme head on Luke body

    Paint Jump suit orange

    Paint left Knee fless ( where rip is )

    And there you go
    ( .A.O.T.C. )

    It's always nice to meat a Jedi.

    - Jango Fett

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    Talking Finally back in the game

    Well, it has been a while since i had the time to sit down and start customizing again. I figures i would start with something simple to get back in the game, Holiday Special Cartoon Boba Fett & Dragon. It feels good to be back into the swing of things.
    "It can't rain all the time."

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    I haven't done any droids for a while so i thought i'd experiment with a spare deluxe threepio. I painted him with enamel aluminium silver and left that to dry off for a few days. Then i tried a new technique to me which is to use cellulose glass paint and basically glaze the figure. With the silver underneath and this glasslike finish to him I got a cheap imitation vaccuum metalised look. The only glass paint colors I could find were bright colors like this green and orange and I think purple or red. But it gives a really nice shiny look to an otherwise crappy figure. I added in a little black matt enamel paint to his knee joints and other joint places and added back his lit eyes. I plan on dirtying him down so he looks more like an abandoned protocol droid wandering the streets of Coruscant. I like the idea of brightly colored protocol droids though. Like they were once in vogue but are now falling on hard times as the more muted colors become fashionable. Anyway, I think Testors do the same cellulose paints. Shouldn't be too hard to get hold of. It dries really fast and you need a special thinners for it but otherwise it's just the same as any other paint. Oh yeah, I painted a few coats onto mine just to make sure it covered everything. It has a patchy look with just one coat.

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    Okay, here's a few of my last customs, which i can't remember if i've showcased before but here goes anyway. First up is my freighter captain, made from the body of Sio Bibble (my first one who's head accidentaly twisted off hence being used for custom fodder) I decided i liked the blue so left it unpainted. His jacket is Ponda baba's and so are the arms. The epaulets are from episode one boss Nass and the helmet is from a G.I.JOE figure from years back, can't remember which one, one of the last ones anyway. The head is also G.I. JOE and i think it's from a rock'n'Roll figure.
    I just threw the lot together and although he doesn't have arm articulation he still looks cool. Mean too.

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    This one is a favourite of mine, It's a crewchick for the freighter in question and she's comprised of the legs and body from a commtech Leia, the arms from ceremonial leia(the 2-pack one that came with R2) the head of Lyn M, the jacket from a Kabe and the belt is a vintage Endor Leia with poncho belt. I lost the Leia years ago but somehow kept hold of the belt and poncho. She's my first female character and I wasn't able to get her articulated since i was learning about customising at the time so tore the pegs, but she's a nice starter i think.

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    Here's a crewman, he's made up from a dagobah luke, the cinema scene Ponda baba jacket and a G.I.JOE head from one of the pilots I think. I can't remember which one it was but i liked his square face and the flat top hairstyle. I went with a neutral blue for all the freighter crew because i thought it might tie in with the republic pilots somehow.

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    Finally for the freighter crew we have the Twi'Lek mechanic. made from a vintage pruneface body and a vintage Bib Fortuna head. Just a simple repaint and head swap but it still looks different enough. I need to do some filling around the neck because the head won't sit right but other than that and a touch up on the paint I reckon he's done.

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    Now we get to the spaceport. This one has been shown before but in a fuzzy out of focus pic. This is my spaceport 'escort' manager to be pc about it. I took another Dagobah Luke torso and arms and shoved them onto a pair of Ponda baba legs. gave it the coat from cerenmonial luke and the hat from Flashback luke Tatooine. The head is captain Panaka. Again dead simple but quite effective.


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