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    next up is a conman and card sharp. This is bit of a disappointment because one of his arms didn't work right. It's basically the torso and legs of a commtech han solo, the head from the first tatooine luke and the arms from one of the Obi-Wan figures from either POTJ or EP1. I forget which but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I just ran into problems with the left arm peg fitting into the torso and i think i trimmed too much off. But I'll just glue it down and leave it at that.

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    This one is one of my favorites. It;s a Snivvian made from a Wuher and a Takeel from the cantina aliens CS. So easy to do really but I hated the hump on Takeel and wanted a Snivvian that looked normal. Wuher was the only fat guy wearing the similar tunic style so off i went and Bob's your lobster. There's a wee gap at the belt line but considering the state of some of the latest stuff from hasbro i can overlook it.

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    This is just a spaceport passenger but I kinda like the over all look despite the way too shiny paint work. I'll have to get some Matt varnish to finish him off properly and maybe cxhange the colors even but he's not bad. Again one of my very first customs.
    Made from Rune Haako's torso and legs, Saesee Tiin's arms, Labria's head and hands, Luke tatooine's lower tunic and using a belt from a figure i had many many years ago from lord aloe knows what line. It was a larger scale though but the little bits added a nice dimension to the belt.

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    Aaaaaand finally, this one I've shown before but again in a smaller and fuzzier pic and without his cool headgear i think. I also gave him a name which might not be brilliant but as this was indeed my first serious custom I feel very close to - Gordy Ignatious.
    He's made from the torso arms and legs of Nute Gunray. The head and hands of Ponda Baba. The skirts from soft goods Darth Maul which i split apart and trimmed and glued under the rim of the torso. And his funky head gear is the accesssory from a really odd spiderman figure from the mid nineties. It was a contraption with bendy arms attached to it with claw hands on the ends. I just chopped off the arms and repainted the headband part silver. I just dig those pink shades on an Aqualish!

    So that's me lot for now. Let me know what you think.

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    Wow, I really like all of those, especially Gordy Ignatious. That is by far the best SW name I have ever heard. I'd like to see more aliens of his kind. You ought to make a Gordy Ignatious "Star Park" avatar. Keep up the good work!
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    some very cool customs. I especially like the twilek "crewchick from the freighter", very nice
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    leftover bits

    Direct from the spare parts bag is Jedi Knight bo'Rang Ceipe-ay. An accountant at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, bo'Rang passed his trials when he was able to pay for creating, training, maintaining, and equipping an army of 1.2 million for a 10 year period without anyone else knowing. He was the second one up against the wall when the revolution came.

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    I'm Back!

    Well folks, I know it's been a while, almost a year, since I've posted anything new in the customs section. Things have settled down since 2002 and I hope to have more customs to show.

    I have 2 new ones. The first is a Duros Jedi, no name as of yet.

    The second is in it's proper section... ANH Customs. Please check it out.
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    looks very cool, I always love seeing new custom jedis
    nice work
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    New Custom

    Thanks 187-Maul!

    Not to disappoint, here's another jedi from dark horse comics. I've always liked how Master Tholme has the short hair like a padawan but no braid.

    Hopefully I'll have 2 more jedi, in fighting stances, in a few more days.
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