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    Great customs you guys!

    Here's a real easy one (I'm a lazy customizer). Calamri Jedi:
    Basically it's just a head/arm swap with Nikto Jedi & POTJ Calamri. The arms and head don't fit quite right, but I think it looks kinda neat:

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    Hey jpak001! I think that custom looks really good. Mon Cal's heads are big anyway. The arm swaps look clean. Keep up the good work.
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    New Jedi

    Finished my latest jedi last night. I'm trying to get some action-like poses and a little more color. Not to flashy, though, jedi aren't flashy.
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    Thanks for the compliment Darth! That Ithorian Jedi is pretty damn cool, nice job!

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    Thanks jpak001! I was trying to get away from the browns and tans. So I decided on a greenish khaki color. I was happy with the way he turned out. As for the parts, I used the skirt & crotch section from a Maul figure that I had cut in half. B/c there was no stem, I lost the waist articulation but I really don't mind. I also used the cape from an extra Saga Vader I have in the customs box.

    As for my next custom, he's a repainted Jinn Jedi Master w/ 2 sabers. I repainted the hair & beard and darkened parts of his tunic. I also added a nice battle scar on his face. Enjoy!
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    very nice customs, both Sidiously Darth and jpak001
    I'bne only done one jedi custom till now, although it was just a little "tweak" and actually is an AOTC custom, but since you guys are doindg a lot of jedis right now, I thought I could post mine here too (so please don't move it ACpin )
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    Here's another jedi custom to add to the ranks.
    I really have to start giving these guys names. Any suggestions?
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    Here's another jedi. I've been going jedi crazy lately.
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    Here's my newest custom and guess what, it's not a jedi. It's actually Vilmarh Grahrk, Villie, from Dark Horse comics. It's a simple custom I used Dash's body and Labria's, the Devaronian from the Cantina scene, head. I repainted his head a nice red and did some minor paint changes to the body. I'll probably make a couple more changes in the future. I just wanted to get this out to everyone. Enjoy!
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    My customs

    Check out my site for some EU customs

    My site


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