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    Hi All!

    My latest custom is one I've been meaning to do for quite some time. I've seen quite a few Corran Horns in Jedi garb which have been great but I really liked the cover photo from I, Jedi. Well, here's my rendition of Corran complete w/ silver lightsaber and blaster.

    I, Jedi

    I used the body of a POTF2 Bespin Luke, a Ep. 1 Obi-Wan head minus the braid & tail & a Saga Kenobi lightsaber. I thought the hilt worked nicely since Corran's first lightsaber used the handlegrip from a speederbike.

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    Here are some un-named Jedi

    Head: Wal-greens policeman
    Body: Kit Fisto
    Arms: Nikto
    Hands: Kit Fisto
    Legs: Obi-wan soft goods
    Lightsabers: Arena accessory
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    Head: Burnout from Gi Joe
    Body: Nikto
    Arms: 1 darthmaul tatooine and 1 darthmaul dual
    Legs: Nikto
    Lightsaber: Obi-wan soft goods

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    Head: Jurassic park Amanda Kirby
    Rest: Sabe
    Lightsaber: Dooku's extra

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    Head: Endor Rebel Soilder
    Body: Royal Guard
    Arms: Kit Fisto
    Hands: GI Joe Zartan
    cloak: Nikto
    Lightsabers: Arena accessory

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    And a Sith

    Head: Aura Sing
    Body: Gi Joe Scarlett
    Arms: Emperor Mill. Coin
    Right hand: Sabe
    Cloak: Royal Guard
    Hood: Naboo Anakin
    Lightsaber: Nikto's handle( i think) and Maul sith lord blade

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    And a Smuggler

    Head: Gi Joe Scarlett
    Body: Aura Sing
    Arms: Gi Joe Scarlett

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    Jon Antilles Republic #53

    Hi All!

    Here's a recent custom of mine. I was inspired to customize this mysterious jedi from Republic #53. For the more curious, there is known relation to Wedge. The Council is not even sure if that is his real name.

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    Bumping up the Extended Universe Customs. This will help keep the individual threads together. Click through the other pages and you'll find some nice stuff.
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    Since my area has pretty much had a huge dry spell on basic Saga figures, etc. for the past six months, I finally turned to customizing my existing collection—with some help from KB Toys’ major clearance sales on SW figures. With all of these customs, I used various acrylic paints and acrylic sealer. So far, they seem to work very well—especially if you make a mistake (you can wet it and wipe it away if you catch it quick enough).

    Now that I’ve gotten a hold of a digital camera (and my fiancée was a good enough sport to hold up the figures while I took pictures), I decided to post the customs I’ve made this past week and see what everyone thinks of them. Hope you like ‘em!!

    Just as a quick side note, does anyone else think there should be a separate thread for Episode III concept figures?? Between our own expectations and info that has leaked out already, I’m sure there are plenty of other people working on Episode III figures already. Just a thought.

    Anyways, here’s my first custom.

    Stormtrooper (Clone Reveal)

    Since the Stormtroopers have all but been absolutely confirmed to be clones, I decided to create an unmasked Stormtrooper that reveals the cloned face of Jango Fett.

    This custom was problematic for several reasons, the least of which is that this was my first ever “boil and pop” head swap. First, my POTF2 Stormtrooper was starting to yellow from age, so I had to repaint the whole body. Second, the Stormtrooper head ripped off (probably because the plastic was old and weak). Third, Jango’s head is attached to some kind of anchoring ring inside the body. This means the “boil and pop” method alone won’t work. I had to cut the plastic too. After a little widening of the neck hole, the head popped right in—although the head has ZERO articulation now.
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